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No net, no liver, no krypton, take stock of those super-killing and super-interesting games.

Many of them can’t be found, but they are off the shelf.

The magic tower series

  1. Magic tower 24 th floor
  2. Classic magic tower 50 floors
  3. Xinxin magic tower
  4. The new magic tower 2 (updated on 20230628, but not played yet)

Gold miner Classic Miner

Monopoly (off the shelf)

Tribe and machete: steam transplant version, mod available, conscience stand-alone

Legend of Jin Yong’s Heroes X (off the shelf)

Legends of Heroes in Jianghu 1, 2 (once a web flash game, formerly known as "Legend of Heroes of Jin Yong")

Legend of Xuanyuan Jiansan and Xuanyuan Jiansan (pc Transplant Edition)

Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man (pc Transplanted Edition)

Heroes and Heroes Biography 1, 2, 3 (personal production, also available on pc-side steam (paid), mobile phones are free; Personal comparison recommendation series 2)

The legend of chivalrous man (pc transplant version)

[Weak networking martial arts rpg] single machine is the main one, and pvp exists, which does not affect the normal game)

Yanyu Jianghu

Hanjia Jianghu

My knight-errant

Call me Royal Guards.

Orange light games (there are quite a few games in the app, and the text options are mainly plot/numerical development, and there are many in love women and some in men).

Rusty Lake series.

The Room series

Lost island series

Doctor’s home series

Mr pumpkin adventure series

The house of Leonardo da Vinci

Agent A(Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise)

Mystery series of ship-snatching

Lost Garden Series

The chamber of secrets escape from despair series

If you can go home earlier.

Prison break series (four-part, good painting style)

Kingdom Rush Series (Kingdom Rush)

Tale of Happiness Apartment (one of Cairo games, Pixel Wind, like this kind of direct search Cairo games, super many)

Delicious pizza, delicious pizza (off the shelf)

Mini subway (educational leisure class)

Sims (weak networking)

Simulated city (weak networking)

fallout shelter

Plague Inc

Rebel Inc

Village of hope (weak networking, similar to famine)

Crown of the gods

Sniper (sniper)

Full moon night (puzzle, it’s not difficult to get started, single card game, good painting style)

Doodle God

Exception (if you want to know the programmer’s work, let’s feel the charm of logic)

Sword-telling (ink martial arts style, similar to fruit ninja, and chivalrous plot)

Blade of the Shadow 3 (action martial arts, very good painting style)

Flash customers and fight quickly (childhood memories series)

The original god (still into the pit, it is still very good to play alone, and there are many subplots ~ (unfortunately, it is a two-dimensional style, spit out when the martial arts can also have this level)

Lost in life (drawing and stamping xp, the character story is full)

Going against the cold hand tour (just out of the game, at present, it is still very good to play as a single player! Don’t force Krypton, the subplots are rich, and the degree of freedom is high. After playing this, you will lose the original god.)

The Lakers are firmly committed to the post-James era. After the continuous show operation, it is both now and in the future.

After Anthony Davis’ early contract renewal window was opened, Lakers President Pelinka immediately put a three-year $186 million maximum salary contract in front of Davis. Davis readily accepted and tied his peak period to the Lakers completely.

For Davis, who has hidden dangers of injury, renewing his contract in advance adds security to his future. In the next five seasons, Davis’ total salary will reach $270 million, of which the average annual salary of the new contract for three years will be $62 million, breaking the record set by Jay Brown not long ago.

For the Lakers, this is a key part of Pelinka’s layout for the post-James era.

The 38-year-old James has player options in the offseason in 2024, and his choices are very diverse. After keeping Austin Reeves, Yasunari and Vincent on 3-4 year contracts, the Lakers renewed their contracts with Davis in advance. No matter how James chooses in the future, the Lakers can ensure that they have Davis and depth, and there is still room to chase other big-name stars in the free market.

Ironically, after the Lakers won the championship season, when it was most necessary to be steady and strive for progress, Pelinka chose to be aggressive. Coupled with the injuries of James and Davis, the Lakers wasted more than two years.

Before the trading deadline in 2023, Pelinka finally completed the "blocking operation" and successfully corrected the error. In the offseason, Pelinka learned a lesson this time and stopped rushing forward. Pelinka’s series of operations show that the Lakers are not only striving to win in the present, but also planning for the post-James era. After all, James will be 39 years old at the end of December and will have the player option in the summer of 2024.

In the draft, the Lakers chose Jaron Hood Schifino with No.17 and Maxwell Lewis with No.40.. Together with last year’s No.35 show, Christie, the Lakers hoarded three potential new stars under the age of 22.

In the free market, the Lakers gave Bacamura $51 million for three years, gave Reeves $56 million for four years, and hired the Heat to introduce Vincent for three years $33 million. All three of them are in the long-term planning of the Lakers. Russell signed a 1+1 contract, and whether he is in the long-term planning is still unknown.

Vanderbilt has not renewed its contract in advance, but from September 7, local time until June 30, 2024, Vanderbilt is eligible to sign an early renewal contract of up to four years and 75 million US dollars. Considering Vanderbilt’s age and characteristics, it is highly possible for him to renew his contract in advance.

Three new stars have good potential, and four of them are high-quality puzzles, so the depth of the Lakers now and in the future is guaranteed. The next step is to establish the leader of the post-James era. Davis is the undisputed star of the Lakers.

Last season, the world has seen the horror of Davis, who plays center. In the regular season, he averaged 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds and 2 blocks, and his shooting percentage was a career high of 56.3%. In the playoffs, Davis has shortcomings, but the data of averaging 22.6 points, 14.1 rebounds and 3.1 blocks per game is still scary enough, especially his defensive performance.

Buha, a reporter with The Athletic Lakers team, also believes that James’ career is running out, whether the fans are willing to accept it or not, and the Lakers need to make plans early. Whether James retires or leaves the Lakers for other teams in the future, Davis will be the facade of the Lakers’ new era, and he will also be the key for the Lakers to attract other superstars to join.

Aside from the Lakers’ backing in Los Angeles, there is room for salary in the future. Davis’s top defensive ability and offensive ability without the ball make him compatible with any outside star. In the era of Jamey, Davis also proved that he was willing to accept the role of the second master.

The only thing that can affect Davis’ prospects is injuries, but the hidden dangers of injuries have to be looked at separately. It is true that Davis’ attendance is not high, but since the 2016-17 season, Davis has played 400 games. In the same period, Joel Embiid only played 394 games, Curry only played 387 games, Owen only played 362 games and Durant only played 345 games. When Davis’ team entered the playoffs, except for the 2021 playoffs, Davis’ attendance and performance were almost impeccable, and he was absolutely reliable in big scenes.

In addition, regarding Davis’ injury, both Pelinka and Ricky Paul believe that Davis’ injury frequency is more due to his bad luck, and they both believe that Davis’ luck will turn.

Earlier, Paul said: "Davis’s experience in the past two years is very strange. Other players hit his knee and injured him. He stepped on his opponent’s foot when he landed, and he pulled his hamstring or groin before. Any athlete engaged in sports may encounter these injuries, but the outside world described it as if Davis was injured as soon as he played."

Pelinka didn’t expect Davis to avoid injury only by transshipment. He was also trying to help Davis reduce the risk of injury. He signed center Hayes and compared Hayes with Dwight Howard and McKee in the championship season. Pelinka is still planning to sign another center to further lighten Davis’ burden. In the new season, Davis will probably still play as the starting center, but according to the opponent’s counterpoint, the Lakers will be flexible, instead of locking Davis in the fifth position 99% of the time like last season.

The Lakers’ early renewal of Davis is also releasing two signals.

In the Bath family era, the Lakers were a team famous for being kind to the heroes. From Jerry West, Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, James and Davis, the Lakers gave enough respect and treatment to the heroes. "Human touch" is the label of the Lakers, and it is also their strategy to recruit superstars to join.

In recent years, the operation of the Lakers has always been inseparable from Paul, a super agent. James is undoubtedly Paul’s most heavyweight customer. Even if James retires in the future, the Lakers will not give up Paul’s line. After all, Paul still holds stars such as Garland and Zach Lavin. Davis renewed his contract in advance, and Vanderbilt (whose agent is also Paul) is likely to renew his contract in advance. In the next few years, the line between the Lakers and Paul will not be broken.

Overall, this is an offseason that can satisfy the Lakers. What should be left is left, and what should be renewed in advance is also signed, and most of the contracts are signed at reasonable prices. The Lakers have both the present and the future, and the remaining problems caused by operational mistakes in 2021 will be basically solved.

In the new season, the Lakers can rely on their depth to help James and Davis reduce their burdens and strive for a better regular season ranking. As for whether the Lakers can compete for the championship in the new season and in the future, it depends on whether Davis can improve attendance, get back the feel of jump shot and really carry the banner.

Executives: The Lakers will pursue Trey Young in the offseason, and they have been paying attention to him.

Recently, an NBA executive was interviewed by a reporter.

The executive believes that the Lakers will pursue Trey Young.

"The Lakers shot and got some puzzles that can be used for trading. If the Hawks don’t take action in the summer, the Lakers will be Trey Young’s next home next season …… I don’t believe that every player who signed with Klutch will go to the Lakers, which is obviously not true. But Yang is one of the goals that the Lakers have been paying attention to. "

Note: Trey Young shot 31.7% and shot 17.5% from three points in the past eight games.

22+7+8 per game! Will the Lakers really regret trading Wei Shao after he returns to the "peak" in the playoffs?

After the introduction of Wei Shao in the 20-year offseason, the Lakers did not play the expected record and returned to the championship. Even that year, under the leadership of "Zhan Weimei", the Lakers even failed to break into the playoffs.

After a failed season, I thought the Lakers management would trade Wei Shao for a star who is more suitable for the team in the offseason. I just didn’t expect that the Lakers management didn’t trade Wei Shao as expected for two future first-round signings …

So that in the early stage of the new season, the Lakers have been ranked in the bottom three in the West, until the trading day deadline, the Lakers reached a tripartite deal with the Timberwolves and Jazz-Wei Shao, Anderson, Damian Jones and a first-round draft pick won Russell, Malik Beasley and Vanderbilt.

The Lakers won three consecutive victories many times and re-entered the top eight in the West.And at the end of the season, through the play-offs, successfully entered the playoffs.. Judging from the impact and results of this transaction, the Lakers management has no need to regret it at all.

And judging from Wei Shao’s overall performance of averaging 15.8 points, 4.8 rebounds and 7.5 assists after joining the Clippers, the Lakers management has no need to regret it.However, Wei Shao’s performance in the playoffs recently far exceeds his performance in the regular season, averaging 22.3 points, 7.7 rebounds and 8.3 assists, giving people a feeling of returning to the "peak".

In the series G1, Wei Shao shot 9 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists. Although he only made 3 of 19 shots on the offensive end, he brought great vitality to the Clippers with 3 blocks and 2 steals. In the series, G2 Wei Shao scored 28 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists and G3 scored 30 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists, which seems to be completely back to the "peak". Many people think that the Lakers management should regret it …

1. Compared with pepper, Wei Shao is not suitable for Zhan Mei.After Wei Shao joined the Lakers, he has not been able to adapt to the team system and have a chemical reaction with the "Zhan Mei combination". Mainly because he and the "Zhan Mei combination" play, there is repulsion.

After all, if James at this age wants to give full play to his own advantages, he must have the ball in his hand; However, if Wei Shao wants to play it out, he must have a certain ball right in hand, so James and Wei Shao can’t maximize their output at the same time.

In addition, because Wei Shao is not good at long-range projection, thick eyebrows can only transform from the fourth position to the fifth position, and constantly expand their offensive range.In this way, the thick eyebrows also lost their dominant play, which is the main reason why the "Zhan Weimei" Big Three have been unable to play the effect of 1+1+1 greater than 3.

And with leonard and George, Wei Shao has no problem of repelling each other. Because whether George or leonard, they all have strong ability of off-the-ball and single defense, the Clippers can give full play to Wei Shao’s strength without making major changes.

2. Compared with the Clippers, the Lakers will not adapt to Wei Shao’s play at all.Judging from Wei Shao’s current shooting ability and playing style, in order to play, in addition to having enough ball rights, the overall playing style and rhythm of the team must always maintain a fast pace, so that Wei Shao can give full play to his speed advantage.

Once the team stops to play positional warfare, Wei Shao is like a toothless tiger to the team.After Wei Shao joined the Clippers, because the Clippers’ overall lineup is relatively young, they can always speed up and create an environment for him to play. In contrast, the Lakers are now dominated by James, and Ham will not choose to speed up even though he knows that it can give full play to Wei Shao’s advantage.

After all, now that James is 38 years old, the decline in physical strength not only makes him suffer from the defensive end, but once the team speeds up for a long time, Wei Shao will be comfortable, but James’ role and output will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, no matter from the matching degree of the team system or the adaptability of teammates, even if Wei Shao plays a superstar performance in the playoffs this year, the Lakers management should not regret it; Because the Lakers can’t provide an environment suitable for Wei Shao to play, Wei Shao can’t have such a performance in the Lakers …