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The water is too deep, and this Volvo XC60, which is 40,000 lower than the market price, exposes the cheating tricks of used car dealers.

Hello, everyone, I’m Guangyao, the inspector of the car inspector. Although I look good, I’m an old driver who has repaired cars. Now I’m a used car inspector of the car inspector. It’s my duty to avoid everyone’s car purchase risks. Welcome to watch this interesting story about used car inspection.

Old drivers all know that the policy of restricting the relocation of used cars in the National Five-Year Plan has been liberalized, and the nationwide circulation has immediately formed a scale. For consumers, the convenience of buying cars in different places has been greatly improved! However, Guangyao reminds everyone that buying second-hand cars in different places is particularly easy to be pitted. Everyone should be cautious. Before looking at the car, hold the money bag tightly, and don’t give it out easily until you know the exact condition of the car, otherwise you may fall into the double torture of money and spirit! We have encountered too many such cases, so I will pick one out here to share with you, hoping to learn from it!

In other words, a good brother from Nanchang photographed a used car in Ningbo in a live broadcast room. In November 2018, 19 Volvo XC60 (parameter picture) four-wheel drive Zhiyuan version was licensed, and the market price was 200,000-210,000. As long as the live broadcast room was more than 180,000, the anchor said that the car had changed its front mouth, but it sold very cheaply. After the live broadcast room, there was no such price! My good brother thought, it’s not unacceptable to say anything before, so he paid a deposit of 10 thousand in advance and took the preferential places first! But eldest brother still has a little distrust of car dealers, so he entrusted Guangyao to do a comprehensive test!

Good brother himself was not present, and we kept online communication. When Guangyao heard him talk about the price, he had doubts. Can you get a discount of 30,000-40,000 yuan by changing the front set? I won’t believe Guangyao. It is estimated that the main structure of the car body should be damaged! Look at the real car! According to the address provided by the eldest brother, Guangyao came to the garage where the vehicle was located. Tell the car dealer what he came for, but the car dealer is also honest, saying that the front of the car hit and the airbag was blown up. See for yourself the rest! Guangyao took the car keys and started testing!

Car model: 2019 T5 four-wheel drive Zhiyuan Edition

Factory date: October, 2018

Apparent mileage: 75784KM

Official guidance: 421,900

Car dealer’s quotation: 185,800 yuan

Just look at the appearance, the color is still good! Since it is a set of front mouth, the front bumper must have been disassembled and replaced, and the inspection is indeed true. There are paint marks on the corners, and the details are rough, which is obviously not the original process!

The front cover is painted evenly on the whole surface, and then the inside is opened. At first glance, the fixing screws have no traces of turning off the paint, but don’t be confused by the surface phenomenon. If you look closely, you can find that the surface of the screws is painted, and the bottom circle has obvious displacement, which means that the screws must have been removed! Moreover, some holes on the inside of the cover are rough in workmanship and the color inside is wrong, indicating that the front cover has also been replaced!

Needless to say, the water tank frame, radiator, fan and headlights have not been replaced. Let’s focus on whether the structural parts have been moved!

The paint thickness of the left fender skeleton was measured, and the data came to 647μm, which is sheet metal shaping! The outer leaf iron sheet should also be reimbursed! Injury to the structural parts, this is not a simple front mouth set, it should be an accident car!

Look at the right fender skeleton again. Although the thickness of the paint on it is in the normal standard, the solder joints below are all redone through the gap observation. This is cutting and welding! It’s worse than the left!

Moreover, the thickness of the paint on the right shock absorber tower top is not quite right, which is much higher than that on the left, but the area is not large. It must have been painted, which should be related to the accident ahead!

Looking down at the right front longitudinal beam, although the deformation trace is not too obvious, it can still be seen with the naked eye! Seeing this situation, Guangyao probably knows what this XC60 is about! It’s not just a set of front mouths, it’s already a national standard major accident car! Take a small notebook and write it down first, and then see if there is any more damage under the chassis!

The engine was not damaged, and no traces of oil leakage were found. The intake manifold was just disassembled, probably by cleaning carbon deposits, and the problem was not serious!

The pawl screw is still in the original factory appearance, so it can be seen that the engine has not been hoisted and maintained. If the mileage is really more than 70,000, there will be basically nothing wrong with the engine and gearbox! It’s not time to break down!

After measuring the paint surface along the left, I quickly walked around and found that except for the original paint on the roof, none of the other places ran away, including the rear of the car! Partial sheet metal scraping putty, of course, this is also expected!

When entering the car, Volvo’s interior feels low-key and honest, less dazzling, but the materials and workmanship are more exquisite. In order to make the car have no odor, it is basically environmentally friendly materials, and the owner is practical!

First, look at the color of the interior, which depends on observing the main driver’s seat, door handle, steering wheel, window button, air conditioning button, accelerator brake pedal, gear handle, etc., which are often used at ordinary times. By comprehensive comparison, the overall wear and tear of the interior is not very serious, basically in line with the current mileage!

There is little difference between the mileage read by Obd computer and the meter, and the results obtained by running the average speed of conversion of time with the engine are basically the same, and the vehicle really has no meter adjustment!

The accident at the front of the car is not small. According to Volvo’s safety factor, the main driver’s airbag and seat belt will definitely trigger protection! Observe that the fixing screw of the seat belt has indeed been removed, but the manufacturing date conforms to the original assembly procedure. It is estimated that the locking mechanism inside has been repaired, and the original seat belt has not been changed! The airbag is better distinguished, the skin on the surface is obviously newer than the steering wheel, and the disassembly hole is also punctured!

The main driver’s seat has been removed, whether it was accidentally removed or for other reasons, there is no way to guarantee this! However, it is certain that there is no trace of sediment residue in the harness at the bottom of the seat! Combined with the steering column, threshold gap, under the carpet and other positions, Guangyao confirmed that there is no water soaking in the vehicle!

I thought the function buttons should be in good condition and effective, but I didn’t expect a light switch to fail! If this is repaired, it is estimated that the assembly will have to be replaced!

Finally, the detection of the chassis, which is also our most important project, has disappeared, leaving the engine and gearbox exposed! It is estimated that the fender was reimbursed by the front accident!

The fixing screw of the engine oil pan has been removed, and the color of the oil pan is obviously relatively new. It may be that the bottom is cracked and damaged, and it has been repaired and replaced, but as far as this problem is concerned, it is not serious!

There is nothing wrong with the gearbox oil pan, which is neither disassembled nor deformed! This 8AT gearbox is well matched with the 2.0T engine!

This is the point. Do you know where this is? This is the lower part of the top of the damping tower with high paint thickness. From below, it can be clearly seen that this piece is made up and has been cut and welded! This position is the same as the right front longitudinal beam, as long as there are deformation, cutting, welding, folding and other conditions, it can be directly designated as a major accident car!

The situation of the lower longitudinal beam is not much better, and the deformed position has not been corrected and maintained! It may be that the deformation is not large, so the repairman does not care!

There was another unexpected discovery under the chassis. The inner plate of the left rear fender was cut and welded. It seems that this XC60 has an accident in more than one place! Although the accident here is nothing compared with the previous one, it is also a big flaw! You must give feedback to customers! That’s why we should insist on detecting the chassis, because this position is not on the chassis, and we can’t see it at all!

There is no suspense in the conclusion of this XC60, a major accident car! I called my good brother to report the car condition. My good brother couldn’t believe it. Although I made preparations that the car condition didn’t meet expectations, it was too different! The front fender skeleton is cut, the rear fender inner panel is cut, the shock absorber seat is cut, and the longitudinal beam is deformed. This is not a sword stuck in the heart of the good brother, but four swords! Good brother, let Guangyao report the car inspection as soon as possible, so that he can return the car and refund the deposit!

But the deposit is not so easy to refund, and the car dealer has a hundred reasons to refuse you! Good brother tried to find the other party’s theory several times without a result, and went to the live broadcast room to complain and was blacked out! I thought I found a cheap one, but I didn’t expect it to be a protracted war! Big brother still has his own business to take care of, which makes him physically and mentally haggard! So, if you see a particularly cheap used car, you really need to keep your eyes open!

The fans nodded to show that they understood! Ok, that’s all for today’s testing sharing. I’m a used car testing technician from the car inspector. Like it, like it, and spray it if you don’t like it. I repair cars more, study less, and write poorly. Please bear with me. Car inspector, I would like to be your friend who knows cars best!

Illustration of rare wild animals in Hunchun | Tigers roar, apes cry, geese fall and fish sink.

"Source of this article: Youyou Jilin"
A magical land
It is famous for its magnificent natural landscape.
And colorful ethnic customs.
Be desired by people.
But what is more desirable is
An ecological environment that has not been touched by the times
With free wild animals
Let’s get to know each other again
It once appeared on the land of Hunchun.
What rare wild animals?
Welcome to the world of wildlife.
Siberian tiger
National first-class protected animals
Siberian tiger (scientific name: Panthera tigris ssp.altaica): Also known as Siberian tiger, it is one of the subspecies of tiger. It is the largest carnivorous cat in existence. The average weight of adult male Siberian tiger is 250 kg, and the head length is about 2.3 meters. The average weight of an adult tigress is about 170kg, the body length is about 2m, the shoulder height is about 1.1m, and the tail length is about 1.3m.. The maximum body length can reach 2.9 meters (including tail length). The body color of wild Siberian tigers is brownish yellow in summer and yellowish in winter. There are many rows of narrow black stripes on the back and side of the body, usually two of them are willow-shaped. The head is big and round, and several black stripes on the forehead are often colluded in the middle, which is very similar to the word "king", so it has the reputation of "king of the jungle".
Living in forests, shrubs and weeds. Living alone, without settlement, with territorial behavior, the scope of activities can reach more than 100 square kilometers. Nocturnal, sensitive, fierce, quick-moving, good at swimming, climbing trees, and rarely attacking humans. The Siberian tiger mainly preys on large and medium-sized mammals such as deer, sheep and wild boar, and also eats small mammals and birds. The predation mode is sneak attack.
Amur leopard
National first-class protected animals
Northeast leopard generally refers to the Far East leopard. Far East Leopard (scientific name: Panthera pardus orientalis) is a subspecies of leopard, and it is a big cat in the northern cold region, second only to the Northeast Tiger, with a small head and a long tail and short limbs. The coat is yellow and covered with black ring spots; The spots on the head are small and dense, the spots on the back are dense and large, and the spots are in a round or oval plum blossom pattern, which is quite similar to ancient copper coins, so it is also known as the "leopard". The front foot has 5 toes, the rear foot has 4 toes, and the claws are gray and white, which can be extended and retracted.
Living in forests, shrubs, wetlands, deserts and other environments, its nests are mostly built in dense trees, shrubs or caves. Camp lives alone, often at night, resting in trees or caves during the day. It preys on all kinds of ungulates, monkeys, rabbits, rodents, birds and fish, and also eats sweet berries in autumn. When food is scarce, they also sneak into the village at night to steal poultry and livestock. It was once widely distributed in the Russian Far East, Heilongjiang in northeast China, Jilin and the forests in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. It has been listed in Appendix I of the Washington Convention and is strictly protected by Russian, Korean and China governments.
Wild sika deer
National first-class protected animals
Cervus nippon is a small and medium-sized deer, with a body length of 125 to 145 cm, a tail length of 12 to 13 cm, a shoulder height of 70 to 95 cm and a weight of 70 to 100 kg. The coat color is chestnut red in summer, with many white spots, which look like plum blossoms; It is smoky brown in winter, and the white spots are not obvious. There is hair on the neck. Male horns are 30 to 66 cm long.
Sika deer are not gregarious. Bucks often live alone, and their activity time is concentrated in the morning and evening. The living area changes with the change of seasons. In spring, they are mostly on semi-shady slopes, and they move to the forest edge of shady slopes in summer and autumn. In winter, they like to live on warm sunny slopes, mainly feeding on grass, fruits, herbs, tree buds, trees and crops. The population is mainly distributed in eastern Russia, Japan and China. It is a national first-class protected animal in China, and it is listed in the Red List of Endangered Species (VER 3.1-Low Risk (LC) of IUCN IUCN)2015.
Original musk deer
National first-class protected animals
The original musk deer (scientific name: Moschus moschiferus), commonly known as the fragrant roe, is an animal of the family Moschus. The original musk deer has small head, big eyes, long and upright ears, short tail, slender limbs, hind limbs longer than forelimbs, no horns for both sexes, and dark brown body.
The original musk deer often moves alone, generally moves more frequently in the morning and evening, is very good at jumping, has developed sight and hearing, has a relatively fixed route of activities and foraging, and has a wide range of feeding habits. It estrus from October to January of the following year, and gives birth in June-July, with 1-2 per litter, mostly inhabiting cliffs and rocky mountain habitats in mixed coniferous and broadleaved forests, deciduous coniferous forests, mixed coniferous forests and sparse forests and shrubs.
National first-class protected animals
Sable (scientific name: Martes zibellina): The body length is about 40 cm, the weight is about 1 kg, the tail length is 12 cm, and the life span is about 8-15 years. It is a small and medium-sized animal with a slender body and short limbs. The head is long and narrow, the ears are short and round, and the sense of smell and hearing is sensitive. Canine teeth are more developed and the cracked teeth are smaller; The upper molars are arranged horizontally, and the inner leaves are wider than the outer leaves; The diameter of molar crown is larger than the height of lateral incisors. The body hair is soft and without markings. 5 fingers (toes) on both front and rear feet; The claws are sharp and not retractable.
Sable is a kind of animal belonging to the genus Sable, which is specialized in northern Asia. It moves and hunts in the daytime. Hunting small prey by smell and hearing, including rats, birds and fish. Sometimes I eat berries and pine cones. Sables mostly nest on the forest floor. When the weather is bad or they are killed, they will hide in the nest and even store food in it. The fur of sable is called mink, which is only produced in Northeast China in China. It is also called "Three Treasures in Northeast China" together with "Ginseng and Velvet Antler". Widely distributed in Urals Mountain, Siberia, Mongolia, Northeast China and Hokkaido.
National second-class protected animals
Mink (diāo): mammal. Also known as "Martes" (scientific name martes). Mainly distributed in Urals Mountain, Siberia, Mongolia and northeast China. Minks are slender, yellow or purple-black, and there are many kinds. Sable is a genus of Carnivora, most of which live in trees. Sable is mainly produced in Northeast China in China, and there are many varieties. It belongs to precious fur animals. I like quiet, live alone, change my hair twice a year, and have a variety of foods, mainly fish. Pet ferrets, such as Angkor and Michelle, are actually ferrets. But the wild mink is a very endangered animal.
yellow-throated marten
National second-class protected animals
Martes flavigula: There are 10 subspecies, with a body length of 56-65 cm, a tail length of 38-43 cm and a weight of about 2-3 kg. It is named after the obvious yellow-orange throat spot on the front chest. The ears are short and round, the tail hair is not fluffy, and the body is slender and the size is like a small fox. Soft and slender, cylindrical. The head is tapering and slightly triangular; Round ears; The legs are short, and the limbs are short, but they are strong and powerful. The front and rear limbs each have five toes, and the toes are thick, curved and sharp. Because it likes to eat honey, it is also known as the honey dog.
It mainly inhabits various types of forest areas, and its nests are mostly built in tree holes or stone caves. I like morning and evening activities, but I often appear during the day. Living in mountain forests or hilly areas, burrowing in tree holes and caves, good at climbing steep trees and rocks, and quick in action. Mainly distributed in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Russian outer manchuria.
red fox
National second-class protected animals
Red fox (scientific name: Vulpes vulpes): It is a canine and fox animal. There are 47 subspecies. Adult animals are 62-72 cm in length, 40 cm in shoulder height, 20-40 cm in tail length and 5-7 kg in weight. The coat color varies greatly with seasons and regions, generally, the back is brownish gray or brownish red, the abdomen is white or yellowish white, the tail tip is white, the back of the ear is black or dark brown, and the black stripes on the outside of the limbs extend to the foot surface. The male is slightly older.
The red fox is well-developed in hearing and smell, cunning in sex and quick in action. Like to be alone. Hunting at night. Usually go out for activities at night, and sleep in the cave during the day. The long tail has the function of moisture-proof and warmth, but in remote places, sometimes it will come out to look for food during the day. Although its legs and feet are short, its claws are sharp and it runs very fast. When chasing prey, its speed can reach more than 50 kilometers per hour, and it is good at swimming and climbing trees. It mainly feeds on marmots and rodents, and also eats wild birds, frogs, fish, insects, etc., as well as all kinds of wild fruits and crops.
leopard cat
National second-class protected animals
Leopard cat (scientific name: Prionailurus bengalensis) is a feline and leopard cat. The head length is 360-660 mm; The tail length is 200-370 mm; The hind foot is 80-130 mm long; Ear length is 35-55 mm; The total length of skull is 75-96 mm; Weighing 1.5-5 kg. Leopard cats are also called "money cats" in China, because the spots on their bodies are very similar to the copper coins in China. It is similar in size to a domestic cat, but it is slimmer and has longer legs. The coat color tone of southern species is light brown or light yellow, while the coat color of northern species is grayer and has dark spots all over. There are spots on the side of the body, but they never form vertical stripes. Obvious white stripes extend from the nose to the eyes, often to the top of the head. The ears are large and sharp, black behind the ears with white spots. Two distinct black stripes extend from the inner corner of the eye to the base of the ear. There is a white stripe from the inner corner of the eye to the nose, and the snout is white. The tail is long (about 40-50% of the length of the head), with a ring pattern to the black tail tip.
Leopard cats mainly inhabit mountain forest areas, country bushes and forest-edge villages. The altitude of the distribution can be distributed from the low-altitude coastal zone to the mountain forest area with an altitude of 3000 meters. Leopard cats’ nests are mostly in tree holes, earth holes, under stones or in crevices. It is mainly terrestrial, but it has strong climbing ability and is flexible in tree activities. Nocturnal, with more morning and evening activities. Live alone or in pairs. Good at swimming, I like to move and feed near water, such as ponds, gullies and rice fields. They mainly feed on rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, rabbits, frogs, lizards, snakes, small birds and insects, and sometimes sneak into villages to steal chickens, ducks and other poultry. Widely distributed in China (except the arid areas in the north and west); From Afghanistan, through the Indian subcontinent, it extends to Southeast Asia, Russia and North Korea.
National second-class protected animals
Lynx lynx (scientific name: lynx lynx) belongs to the cat family. It is cat-like and much larger than a cat. It has a stout body and a very short tail, and its head is usually less than a quarter of its body length. The limbs are thick, long and vigorous. There are black towering tufts of hair at the tip of the ear. Long hair hanging down on both cheeks. The upper body is light brown, khaki brown, light grayish brown or hemp brown, or grayish white with light earthy tones; The ventral surface is light white, yellow white or sandy yellow. The tail is black. National second-class protected animals. It looks like a wolf, also known as a wolf cat.
It is a cold-loving animal, which basically belongs to the product of cold areas in the north temperate zone and also lives in cold mountain areas. Habitat environment is very diverse, ranging from coniferous forest in sub-frigid zone and mixed coniferous and broadleaved forest in cold temperate zone to alpine meadow, alpine grassland, alpine shrub grassland, alpine desert and semi-desert. Like living alone, good at climbing and swimming, strong hunger tolerance, can lie still in one place for a few days, not afraid of the cold. It feeds on rats and rabbits, and also preys on small wild boar and deer. Nests are mostly built in crevices, caves or tree holes. 2-4 babies per fetus. Widely distributed in Europe and northern Asia.
river deer
National second-class protected animals
Water deer (scientific name: Hydropotes inermis): It is a mammal of Artiodactyla and Cervidae. It is a small deer, slightly larger than musk deer, with a body length of 91-103 cm, a tail length of 6-7 cm and a weight of 14-17 kg. Both sexes have no horns, and the canine teeth on the male roe are developed, protruding out of the mouth into fangs. No frontal gland, small infraorbital gland. The ears are relatively large, the tail is extremely short, and it is covered by the hair on the buttocks. The hair is thick and brittle. Young roe’s coat is lined with linear spots, which are arranged vertically.
Habitat in the river bank, lake, lake center grass beach, beach reeds or thatched environment, but also live in low hills and island forest edge grass shrubs. Live alone or in pairs, 3-5 at most together. Actions are often jumping and quick. Timid by nature, with erect ears, sensitive feeling, good at hiding and swimming, it is difficult for people to get close. Males are territorial animals and mark their territory with urine and feces. The staple food is tender leaves of weeds, juicy and tender plant roots and leaves.
It is considered to be the most primitive deer, which originated in eastern China and the Korean Peninsula and was introduced to Britain and France in the 1970s. Slightly bigger than a musk deer. "Compendium of Materia Medica" says: "The roe has no fragrance, but the musk deer also has fragrance, commonly known as the musk deer, which is called fragrant roe". Distributed along the Yangtze River in China and Korea.
red deer
National second-class protected animals
Cervus elaphus (scientific name: Cervus elaphus) is a large deer, which is second only to moose. There are 10 subspecies. It is named because it looks like a fine horse. Its body is dark brown and there are some white spots on its back and sides. Males have horns, which are generally divided into 6 forks, up to 8 forks, and the second fork of antler horn is close to Yu Mei fork. Summer hair is short, no fluff, generally reddish brown, with a deep back and a shallow belly, so it is called "red deer".
Red deer live in alpine forests or grassland areas. Like to live in groups. Summer is mostly at night and early morning, and winter is mostly during the day. Good at running and swimming. Feed on all kinds of grass, leaves, twigs, bark and fruits, and like to lick salt and alkali. Estrous mating from September to October, more than 8 months of pregnancy, 1 litter per child. Distributed in Asia, Europe, North America and North Africa.
black bear
National second-class protected animals
There are 7 subspecies of Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus). The female is 110-150 cm long and the male is 120-189 cm long. The tail length is less than 12 cm; Shoulder height is 70-100 cm. The female weighs 40-140 kg, and the male weighs 60-200 kg. The body hair is black and long, the chin is white, and there is a V-shaped white spot on the chest. The head is round, the ears are big, the eyes are small, the kiss is short and sharp, the nose is exposed, the foot pad is thick, the front and rear feet have five toes, and the claws are sharp and cannot be extended. Strong body. Habitat in mountain forests, generally active at night, sleeping in tree holes or caves during the day, good at climbing trees and swimming; Can walk upright. Poor vision, sensitive sense of smell and hearing; Their feeding habits are miscellaneous, they feed on plant leaves, buds, fruits and seeds, and sometimes they also eat insects, bird eggs and small mammals. Black bears in the north have the habit of hibernating. They lie dormant in the hole all winter, unable to eat or move, and are in a semi-sleep state until they come out of the hole in March-April of the following year. Mating in summer, 7 months pregnant, 1 ~ 3 offspring per fetus. Distributed in the eastern part of Eurasia, Taiwan Province, Japan and other places in the forest zone.
brown bear
National second-class protected animals
Ursus arctos (scientific name: Ursus arctos): It is an animal of mammals and Xiong Ke. Also known as grizzly bear. It is one of the largest mammals of Carnivora on land, with a body length of 1.5-2.8m, a shoulder height of 0.9-1.5m, a male body weight of 135-545kg and a female body weight of 80-250kg. The head is big and round, the body is strong, and the shoulders are raised. The coat is thick and dense, up to 10 cm in winter; Different colors, such as gold, brown, black and brown-black. The forearm is very powerful, and the tip of the front paw can be up to 15 cm. Because claw tips can’t be retracted into the claw sheath like cats, these claw tips are relatively blunt. Forearms are powerful when swinging, and "blunt" claws can cause great damage.
It mainly inhabits coniferous forests in cold temperate zones, mostly moves during the day, walks slowly, has no fixed habitat, and usually acts alone. The plants include all kinds of rhizomes, tubers, forage, grains and fruits, and they like to eat honey. Animals include ants, ant eggs, insects, rodents, ungulates, fish and carrion. Hibernation, during hibernation, the body temperature, heartbeat and detoxification system will stop working, so as to reduce the loss of heat and calcium and prevent hypothermia and osteoporosis. Running speed can reach 56 km/h. During hibernation, they give birth to 1-4 cubs each. In spring, female bears often play with their cubs in the forest. Distributed in Eurasia and most parts of North America.
Spotted seal
Scientific name: Phoca largha
Also known as the big-toothed spotted seal and the big-toothed seal, it is a marine mammal living in the coastal areas of temperate and cold temperate zones. Living in the Pacific Northwest in the northern hemisphere, mainly distributed in Chukchi Sea, Bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, Sea of Japan, Bohai Sea and northern Yellow Sea in China. They have migratory breeding habits, are carnivorous animals, and their food is mainly fish and cephalopods. Spotted seal is the only pinpoda that can breed in China waters, and it is a national first-class protected animal in China.
Jinxiu lobster
Scientific name: Panulirus ornatus
With a body length of 60 cm, it is the largest lobster. There are dark brown and yellow markings on the abdomen, the first antenna and the foot. There are four pairs of warts at the base of the antenna, and the latter pair is smaller. The body color is colorful and bright. National second-class aquatic wild protected animals (wild population only).
Scientific name: Lutra lutra
It belongs to the family Mustelidae and the genus Otter. The otter has a long body, a short kiss, slightly rounded eyes, small ears, short limbs, brown back and grayish brown belly.
Otters mostly burrow, rest during the day and come out at night. Except during mating, they usually live alone. They are good at swimming and diving. They are keen in hearing, sight and smell, and have a mixed diet. They can mate all year round, giving birth to 1-5 babies each. They mainly live in rivers and lakes, especially in the wooded streams and rivers on both sides of the strait, with a very wide distribution range, which is found in Asia, Europe and Africa. It is a national second-class protected animal.
Scientific name: Brachymystax lenok
It is a fish of the genus Lepidoptera in the family Salmonidae. The salmon is named after its small scales, with a spindle-shaped body, a slightly flat side, a slightly sharp head, a blunt kiss, a small mouth, a transverse crack, a sub-inferior position, a thick and free tongue, an obvious maxilla, and a row of sharp teeth on the upper and lower jaws, the vomerosal bone and the palatal bone. The branchial foramen is large and lateral. The intestine is about 2/3 of the same length, and the pyloric caecum is well developed. The swim bladder is long and conical, and the tip of the back end extends through the anus. The back is dark brown, the side is reddish brown, and the back of fresh fish is dark green; There are many oval transverse black spots on the back and sides. Groups that inhabit mountain streams all year round have a green-brown back, dark sides, white abdomen, black dorsal fin, gluteal fin and fat fin, and black outer edge; The pectoral fin and ventral fin are orange with black spots. Individuals are small, and the body length is generally less than 350 mm. Fishermen call them "mountain scales". The salmon that migrates to the big river in winter is large, with dark green back, yellow brown side, black spots and black abdomen. In the reproductive season, the adult fish is dark, the front fin of dorsal fin turns black, and faint red spots appear on the side. Generally, the body color of older fish is darker than that of younger fish.
Salmon is a cold-water fish, which mostly lives in running water with low water temperature and clear water quality. Salmon Lepidoptera is a carnivorous fish, and it is also a kind of gluttony in freshwater fish. It likes to eat fireflies, ladybugs, gadflies, flying ants, Ma Feng, dragonfly larvae and other insects that fall into the water, as well as small fish, frogs, crayfish, rats, aquatic insects and plants. It is a national second-class key protected aquatic wild animal.
Salmon with flower lamb
Scientific name: Salvelinus malma
It is a fish belonging to the genus Salmonidae, and its body color ranges from brown to gray. There are two types: land seal type and migration type. China is land seal type and lives in the cold waters of the main stream and tributaries of rivers for life. They have a wide range of feeding habits, mainly benthos and insects falling into the water, and sometimes even jump out of the water to prey. It is a national second-class key protected aquatic wild animal.
Giant salamander
Scientific name: Salamandrella keyserlingii
The giant salamander belongs to Amphibia, Anura, Siluridae. The giant salamander can be called a "living fossil", which is an ancient rare animal with an evolutionary history of 230 million years ago. The giant salamander is mainly distributed in the alpine region, which is the northernmost species of the family Siluridae, and is distributed in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and other places in China. The giant salamander lives in humid places and often appears under the grass or in caves in marshes with clear water quality. Usually, the giant salamanders go out for food at dusk or after rain, feeding on insects, earthworms, mollusks, loaches and so on. It is a national second-class key protected aquatic wild animal.
Masu salmon
Scientific name: Oncorhynchus masou
It is the southernmost wandering species in the genus Cannabis in China, with a southern limit of 35 degrees north latitude and high adaptability to temperature, and it is one of the inland domestication targets. It is a valuable economic fish with delicate meat and delicious taste, which is deeply loved by the masses. In recent years, its resources have fallen sharply and are on the verge of exhaustion. It is found in Heilongjiang and Jilin in China. It is a national second-class key protected aquatic wild animal.
White-headed crane
The white-headed crane (scientific name: Grus monacha) is a large wading bird. The neck is long, the beak is long, the legs are long, the lower part of the tibia is exposed, the webbed is underdeveloped, the hind toe is small, and the landing position is high; Wing circle is short; Short tail, no real crop; The vocal tube consists of trachea and part of bronchus; It can form a complex curl between sternum and pectoral muscle, which is beneficial to vocal resonance. Wen Ya temperament, alert and timid. It has dense black bristles in front of its forehead and eyes, and white fur from head to neck. The rest of its feathers are slate gray. Early bird. Inhabits in mudflats, swamps and reed marshes and wet grasslands along the banks of rivers and lakes, and mainly feeds on crustaceans, small fish, mollusks, polypods, insects and larvae such as Orthoptera, Lepidoptera and Odonata, and also eats tender leaves and tubers of plants such as Carex, Polygonum hydropiper and POTAMOGETON, and plant foods and crops such as wheat and rice. The breeding period is from May to July. The nest is built on the swamp where sparse larch and shrub grow, and the nest is mainly composed of hay and moss. Each nest lays 2 eggs, the color of which is green and red with large dark spots on the quilt. Distributed in Eurasia.
It is a national first-class protected wild animal.
northern harrier
White-tailed harrier (scientific name: Circus cyaneus): It is a medium-sized raptor with a body length of 41-53 cm. The male bird’s upper body is blue-gray, its head and chest are dark, its wing tip is black, its tail is covered with white feathers, and its abdomen, flanks and wings are covered with white feathers. When flying, the blue-gray upper body, white waist and black wing tip form obvious contrast. Seen from below, the white lower body, dark chest and black wing tips are also in sharp contrast. Female bird has dark brown upper body, white tail, yellow-white or tan lower body skin, mixed with thick reddish-brown or dark tan longitudinal stripes; I often fly at low altitude close to the ground, and when gliding, my wings are raised in a’ V’ shape and shake from time to time.
Habitat in plains and hilly areas, especially lakes, swamps, river valleys, grasslands, wilderness and open areas such as low mountains, forest swamps and grasslands, farmland, coastal swamps and reed ponds. Mainly feed on animal foods such as small birds, rats, frogs, lizards and large insects.
It is a national second-class protected animal..
Crested bee eagle
Phoenix-headed bee eagle (scientific name: Pernis ptilorhynchus): Also known as Oriental bee eagle, there are 6 subspecies. The body length is 50-62 cm and the weight is 800-1200 g. The feathers at the back of the head and pillow are long and narrow, forming a short crest, which is often obviously exposed. The upper beak has an arc-shaped vertical protrusion, which is suitable for tearing prey and swallowing; The base has wax film or whisker feathers; Strong wings, wide, round and blunt wings, flapping wings and soaring, and the rhythm of flapping wings is slower than that of Falconidae; Most tarsometatarsal parts are relatively long, which is about equal to the length of gaskin. The female is significantly larger than the male. A contrasting light-colored throat block with dense black longitudinal stripes and often a black midline. The flight is characterized by a relatively small head and a long neck, and long and narrow wings and tail. He especially likes to eat bees, mainly feeding on wasps, wasps, bees and other bees, and also eating other insects and insect larvae. He usually lives in dense forests and generally nests in large leafy trees, and the breeding period is from April to June. Each nest lays about 2 eggs. It is distributed in China, southern Siberia to sakhalin island, Japan and Korea, wintering in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, and some stay in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.
It is a national second-class key protected wild animal.
Black woodpecker
Black woodpecker (scientific name: Dryocopus martius)? Order, Woodpecker Family, is a large woodpecker with a body length of 45-47 cm, a wingspan of 64-68 cm, a weight of 300-350 g and a life span of 11 years. It is the largest kind of woodpecker. Almost pure black; The male’s forehead, head and pillow are all blood red; The female bird only has blood red on the back.
It grows in the dense forest in the northern part of Palaearctic realm and is found in different parts of Eurasia. This bird will not migrate. The flight is not smooth, but it is not as undulating as other woodpeckers. Ants, the staple food, dig big holes when eating. Scandinavia, Poland and Spain, which are distributed in Europe, go eastward through the Baltic Sea, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia, North Korea and Japan, while the south passes through the Balkans, Asia Minor and Caucasus and ends in Iran. Northwest, Northeast, Hebei, Shanxi and Southwest of China.
It is a national second-class key protected wild animal.
Big swan
Cygnus cygnus (scientific name: cygnus cygnus): it is a migratory bird of ornithoptera, Anatidae and Cygnus without subspecies differentiation. Tall, with a body length of 120-160 cm, a wingspan of 218-243 cm, a weight of 8-12 kg and a life span of 20-25 years. The mouth is black, with a large yellow at the base of the mouth, and the yellow extends to the side edge of the upper beak and becomes sharp. When swimming, the neck is straighter than the wart-nosed swan. Male and female are of the same color, with white body and extremely long neck; Elegant posture. The distinguishing feature of this species is the beak. The beak of the big swan is composed of black and yellow, and the yellow area is located at the base of the beak. Compared with the little swan, the yellow area of the beak of the big swan is larger than the nostril.
Habitat in the open, shallow water with lush aquatic plants. Sex-loving groups often live in groups except during the breeding season, especially in winter, and often live in family groups, sometimes as many as dozens to hundreds of large groups. Have activities day and night, alert, timid and good at swimming. Migratory birds, when migrating, take small families as units and form a "one", "people" or "V" shaped team. It is much quieter than a swan with a wart nose when flying. It is one of the highest flying birds in the world (besides the alpine vulture), and it can fly over the roof of the world-Mount Everest, with the highest flying height of more than 9,000 meters. They mainly feed on leaves, stems, seeds and rhizomes of aquatic plants, and besides plant foods, they also eat a small amount of animal foods, such as mollusks, aquatic insects and other aquatic invertebrates.
It is a national second-class key protected wild animal.
Cygnus columbianus (scientific name: Cygnus columbianus) is a large waterfowl of the genus Cygnus, with a body length of 110-130 cm and a weight of 4-7 kg. The female bird is slightly smaller. It is very similar to the big swan in shape, with a long neck, pure white feathers, black feet and webbed feet. Its body is only slightly smaller, and its neck and mouth are slightly shorter than those of the big swan, but it is difficult to tell. The easiest way to distinguish them is to compare the yellow color of the mouth base. The yellow color of the mouth base of the big swan extends below the nostrils, while the yellow color of the little swan is limited to the two sides of the mouth base and does not extend below the nostrils along the mouth edge. Its head to the pillow is often slightly stained with brown, its iris is brown and its mouth is black. Its sound is clear and crisp, with a whistle like "knock, knock", not like the trumpet-like cry of the big swan.
It is a national second-class protected animal..
Swan with wart nose
Cygnus olor: It is a kind of large-scale swimming bird belonging to the genus Cygnus, Anatidae, with a body length of 1.2-1.5m and a weight of 6.75-10kg. The neck is slender and there is a wart on the forehead, hence the name. The whole body feathers are white. When swimming in the water, the neck bends slightly like an "S". There are obvious globules at the base of the mouth, which are larger in males and less developed in females. The eyes are dark brown, the mouth is orange-yellow, the base and ball are black, and the toes and webbed are gray-black. Walking on the ground is clumsy, but very good at swimming. When flying, the head is also straightened, but it rarely makes a cry, so it is also named "silent swan".
It mainly inhabits open lakes, bends, ponds, reservoirs, bays, swamps, slow-flowing rivers and their shores. Taking aquatic plants as the main food, including roots, stems, leaves, buds and seeds of aquatic plants; I eat mollusks, insects and small fish. Nest among reeds, consisting of aquatic plants and soil, covered with weeds and down feathers. In summer, it lays 5-7 eggs, which is the most one among swans. Hatching is completed by females, and the incubation period is 35 to 36 days. Parents feed their chicks together. Distributed in Europe, North Africa, central and southern Asia. Breed in the British Isles, north-central Europe and north-central Asia. Wintering south to North Africa, the Near East, India and South Korea. It has been successfully introduced into North America, where it is a widely distributed species and a permanent resident bird in many areas.
It is a national second-class key protected wild animal.
baikal teal
Baikal teal (scientific name: Anas formosa) is a small duck, which is slightly larger than the green-winged duck and slightly smaller than the needle-tailed duck. It is 37-44 cm long and weighs about 0.5 kg. The breeding feathers of male ducks are very gorgeous, especially the mottled face composed of yellow, green, black and white is very eye-catching. On both sides of the thoracic and caudal bases.

The game version number was released in May! Can’t wait to play right away? These games can be played now!

The May edition number is coming! According to the approval information of domestic online games published in May, 2023, a total of 86 games, such as Netease Seven Days World, Tencent Ace Warrior 2, Lilith’s Party of the Gods, and Netelement Temple’s Dream of the Heart, have been approved. Some of these games have been launched overseas or on Steam, and they can be played now. If you want to try something early, you can try it first!

Dream of the deep heart

"Dream in the Heart" is a new work by Shanghai Candle dragon, who has developed the swords of legends series. The game has landed on PC, NS, PS and Xbox platforms, and the Steam standard version of 78 yuan, the deluxe version is 108 yuan.

This is an action game similar to "Galaxy Warrior" and "Demon City". The background of the game is western magic, and players will meet scary giants and lovely elves in the game. The biggest selling point of the game is exquisite hand-painted pictures. Moreover, the amount of games is large, and more than 20 maps with ten endings are not covered.

According to the official introduction, players will accompany Renee, a girl with amnesia, on a journey of fate to uncover the hidden secrets of the fantasy world. Explore the natural scenery and ruins of the imperial city, and meet mysterious beasts and lovely elves. Use all kinds of weapons and skills to confront corrupt monsters, break through crises and so on.

Yi xian pai

Yixian Card is a card game that plays chess by itself. A single game supports up to eight players to play against each other. Players need to place the drawn cards in the fighting area and automatically fight with other players in random order. During the interval of each round of fighting, players need to judge the opponent’s thinking, adjust the card order or add the newly drawn cards to the deck to beat the opponent according to the situation on the field.

The game of "Yixian Card" is the same as the pub chess game. To put it bluntly, it is "the card version moves by itself". At the beginning of the game, players will randomly draw several cards from the library. These cards can be directly used in battle, can also be synthesized with another same card, and can also be sold to improve their own realm-commonly known as "upgrading their capital" and greatly improve their construction limit. Of course, players can also exchange cards with other cards randomly when they encounter cards that are really unnecessary, so as to replace the refresh function in self-walking chess.

Although "Yi Xian Pai" adopts the battle mode of self-propelled chess, it is still slightly different from self-propelled chess in essence. Players still need to collect and build their own cards to participate in the battle, but this "process" of construction is quite a bit of a DBG game.

Compared with the traditional TCG, we only need to pay attention to three things when building a deck of cards: role, sect and deputy. Among them, the sect and the deputy will carry a fixed number and types of cards, and players can’t operate the cards, so they can only combine the deputy and the sect to form a complete set of cards. The character must belong to a sect, but every time he ascends the realm, he will unlock an exclusive talent and play an extra role in the game.

Party of the gods

The Gods Party is a mythical punk strategy RPG produced by Lilith, which has cool artistic style and diversified and aesthetic role design.

Related links:I was shocked to try it out: the legendary art uncle started a two-dimensional street card game, which was blown up by American primary school students.

The Party of the Gods tells the story that in the future world, some scientists died and released monsters that destroyed the world, and then some people mutated to have divine power and became diviners.

The game makes a hodgepodge of gods in fairy tales such as China, Egyptian, Nordic, Greek, etc. In "The Party of the Gods", it is common for the Monkey King to beat Zeus violently, and Anubis and Nuwa fought for 300 rounds.

The painting style in "The Party of the Gods" is all-encompassing, which can not only see the dark sister with real jitter, but also the cheongsam sister who is more in line with the oriental aesthetic. It is true that XP of players all over the world is grasped.

Digging into the background of the game, I finally found that the art director of "The Gods Party" had joined Tencent in the early years, and he was actually focusing on games such as Legendary World and Legend of Xuanyuan. This sense of contrast is really exciting.

Eluhill: Star Dawn

"Elohill: Xing Xiao" is a 3D real-time strategy card hand tour that presents the fantasy of the world of [Magic X Technology] through a light retro art style. It is characterized by the immersive combat experience of dynamic command operation, and it is presented with the 3D drama performance of the real opera, creating an Iluhir world with full details and strong immersion.

In this game, the player will be the acting head of the Gefeier Troupe, and take a flying boat to travel between Xinghai and the narrow land, guiding the degraded people to shuttle between the "present world" and the "dream paradise" to fight against the sudden paradise arrival events in various places, save the people who are asleep, and regain the real future from the ostentatious dream.

In the battle experience of core fun, the game not only retains the immersive sensory experience of ACT play, but also lowers the operating threshold for players to get started quickly. At the same time, it also adds a wealth of card instruction strategies in battle. Before the start of the battle, players can arrange their own character positions. In some difficult levels, there are random attribute bonus positions.

The game international service was launched on April 6, and the related demo evaluation will be released later, so stay tuned!

Explanation of light gap

"Light Gap Interpretation" is a different world strategy offensive and defensive mobile phone game developed by Cong Yun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and distributed by the exclusive agent of the game. Mengmei yujie has all of them! All live2d!

In the game, players will be the guardians of lantern seals, join the strategic offensive and defensive battle field in the other world "Nuon Continent", and take risks with "interpreters" with various creative abilities to fight against the raging beasts and prevent the darkness from coming again!

A large number of "Interpreters" are freely combined, and diverse Live2D is within reach, with Yokoyama Masaru’s love and music! The ever-changing battlefields and powerful enemies, the "arrival technique" big move to reverse the war situation, and the strategic offensive and defensive gameplay of the operation are tested … In the endless night, the lamp of hope is incarnated, and together with the interpreter, the shackles of fate are broken!

Taifu was launched in October 2022, and related demo evaluation will be released later, so stay tuned!

Indy’s lies

Indy’s Lies is a stand-alone game with roguelike elements and card construction as the core gameplay. The game has been put on Steam, and the current favorable rate is 76%.

Randomly generate the content of the level, exquisite plot content, rich and changeable talent system, cleverly designed partner system, surprise and unexpected rune system, combined with hundreds of carefully designed professional cards, so that players can experience completely different fun every time they enter the level.

There are currently 12 heroes in the game, and each hero has a unique professional card, exclusive card and personal mechanism. The hero chosen at the beginning determines the general trend of the genre. After defeating each boss, you can invite new heroes to join the team to supplement your strategic choice-to brush the enemy with debuff, to realize infinite flow, or to add healers to the team?

More than 700 cards can collide with runes, randomly generated talent trees (more than 160 talents) and 50 props to maximize synergy-cleverly combine strategies and defeat more than 90 enemies! Every time you get a new card, you can also replace the old card to realize dynamic and flexible card set construction.

Open the fig leaf of "high-priced domestic beauty": from the light of domestic products to the "price assassin", is the way out for head players such as Polaiya to become "all-round fighters" in the f

In recent years, the new brand of beauty that has been popular on the internet has been inseparable from the label of "domestic products" at the beginning of its debut. It is not only suitable for Chinese skin, but also relatively low in price, and can be used as a cheap substitute for big brands. However, 79 yuan’s Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil sent Li Jiaqi to the forefront. Netizen said that although it doesn’t sound too expensive, the eyebrow pencil weighs only 0.08 grams.The price per gram is more expensive than gold.. So,Hua Xizi has become the latest currency unit on the Internet.There is a ridicule that "the exclusive monetary unit of migrant workers: 1 flower west =79 yuan".

With the continuous fermentation of Li Jiaqi’s remarks in the live broadcast room, the cost performance of some domestic beauty products has been pushed to the forefront. After a media reporter counted more than 30 eyebrow pencil products of 19 makeup brands on the market, the results showed that the price per gram of eyebrow pencil of 14 brands exceeded that of 100 yuan, and the eyebrow pencil products of Mao Geping ranked first among the domestic makeup brands, with the price per gram reaching 1,222.2 yuan. Even if the unit price is not mentioned,There is still a hidden trend behind this-cheap domestic makeup products are getting smaller and smaller.. Insiders pointed out that in the past, small weight was the advantage of domestic products, and consumers also had a good impression on small weight. Because the iteration rate of cheap domestic cosmetics is high, for consumers, the trial and error cost of small grams of products is low. However, when the cheap domestic make-up products are getting smaller and smaller, consumers’ feelings are:On the surface, the price advantage within 100 yuan has been maintained, but in fact it is a disguised price increase..

However, there is another voice on social media that it is unfair to look at the price per gram. Some people suggest that the cost of cosmetics is not only the internal material, but also the packaging design, etc. "We can’t rudely take gram weight as the basis of price comparison", "Overall parity is also parity.”。 Another practitioner said that although it is not wrong to calculate directly according to the figures, cosmetics can’t be completely calculated like this, because many local brands almost never trade at the original price, and these pricing are illusory. "You will see discounts in many brands all the year round. In the live broadcast room, some of them are buy one get one free, even buy one get two free, and there are other complimentary items. And such pricing combined with large discounts,In order to stimulate consumers to buy.. "

From the Light of Domestic Products to the "Price Assassin": "Abnormal Marketing" Behind Small Grams

From being praised as "good quality and low price" in the past to being repeatedly questioned as high price now, when did the change of domestic beauty products happen? Insiders pointed out that,The price increase began when Internet brands began to seize the share of offline brands.. In the past, the adjectives’ good quality and low price’ and’ cheap big bowl’ all referred to domestic products, such as Nature Hall and Baique Ling. As more and more Internet brands begin to advertise with the help of KOL and platforms, everything will be different. Some insiders also bluntly said,The rise of live e-commerce has actually disrupted the price system of domestic beauty products. To some extent, this is also one of the big backgrounds of the general price increase of domestic products..

In fact, the raw materials and production technology of cosmetics only account for a small part of its cost. However, for the new domestic beauty brands that spend a lot of money on marketing,Often dubbed "working for KOL". Guojin Securities Research Institute has combed how the cosmetics industry chain distributes profits. A cosmetic, the brand takes most of the gross profit, and when it reaches the sales channel, it will be divided into a big slice. For the new domestic brands that started online, KOL, such as anchors and grass bloggers, must be given quite high profits. People in the industry bluntly say that, after all, high-priced cosmetics,More expensive in brand premium, marketing and sales. After these expenses are added, products with a cost of several dollars can sell for hundreds of dollars..

Overall, analysts said,There are only three ways to increase the price of domestic beauty products: product upgrading, "taking the opportunity" to increase the price; The discount is reduced and the hand price is increased; Directly push high-priced products or product lines.. Polaiya is a "typical" price increase by upgrading. According to the relevant research report of Ping An Securities Research Institute, in February 2020, the company launched Ruby Essence 1.0 at a price of 249 yuan /30ml, with an average 8.3 yuan per ml. In February, 2021, Ruby Essence 2.0 came out at a price of 279 yuan /30ml, with an average increase of 12.48% per milliliter of 9.3 yuan. At the same time, there are also brands that raise prices in disguise by reducing discounts. Some insiders said that consumers are very sensitive to the price of brands that have a certain popularity or often appear in the live broadcast room of the head anchor. Therefore, brands generally do not directly raise prices.Instead, the cost is reduced by reducing discounts, reducing/changing gifts, etc., or indirectly increasing the terminal price..

Finally, it is the "ultimate magic weapon" of price increase: directly pushing high-priced product lines. Considering that most domestic products are started by soliciting customers at low prices, they want to open up new high-end customers without incurring spit.Opening a separate high-end line is the best choice.. Among this kind of players, analysts pointed out that the typical ones are the high-end product line AOXMED launched by Betani, and the cutting-edge brands that directly locate the high-end, such as Chapter 14 and Wenmo.

In addition, with the rapid outbreak of the domestic cosmetics market and the increasingly fierce competition, it is obvious that consumers can’t be retained by marketing alone, and the general OEM model of domestic cosmetics has also led to many problems such as product homogeneity and poor quality control. Only products that are really easy to use can retain consumers. As a result, domestic makeup brands have made great efforts in research and development. Analysts said that several head make-up brands have also invested a lot of money in R&D. From the marketing war to the R&D war, domestic make-up began to adhere to the "long-term doctrine" and went to the second half.Facing the increasingly complex market environment, self-built factories have become a key step for domestic cosmetics brands to seek "transformation", but it is not easy to build a complete and efficient supply chain.This means that the brand has changed from a light asset model to a heavy asset operation, with high cost, long payback period and various problems in production management, all of which need to be dealt with by enterprises one by one. Even so, for domestic makeup brands, the transformation is imminent.Only by producing and developing products with better quality can we retain consumers with more mature minds and finally break through..

Head players stage "ranking" to chase the future market or only accept "all-round fighters"

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in the first half of 2023, the total retail sales of cosmetics in China increased by 8.6% year-on-year to 207.1 billion yuan, which is more than the total retail sales of cosmetics in 2015. The rapid expansion of the market has made China the largest overseas market for international beauty groups, and also allowed many local beauty companies to taste the fruits of victory. But,It is impossible for any industry to stay in a high-speed growth environment all the time.. Some analysts said that although the development of the industry has matured, consumer demand has always been difficult to meet expectations. After experiencing a rush from 0 to 1, local beauty began to slow down and enter a cyclical adjustment.

In addition,Domestic beauty companies began to stage a ranking chase.The scale of head enterprises continues to grow, but the gap is narrowing. According to the revenue scale of the semi-annual report, shanghai jahwa, which owns many skin care brands such as Yuze and herborist, still ranks first with 3.629 billion yuan. At the same time, the latest revenue of Polaiya, a latecomer, reached 3.627 billion yuan, only 2 million yuan behind shanghai jahwa. Huaxi Bio, on the other hand, bit behind with a scale of 3.076 billion yuan. Betani’s 2.368 billion yuan is not far from Shuiyang’s 2.29 billion yuan.

Analysts pointed out that domestic beauty companies that have gained market share in the past few years,Began to scramble to get out of the comfort zone. Huaxi Bio, Polaiya, shanghai jahwa and other track head players make new decisions at this crossroads. In the short-term interests and long-term benefits, the latter is chosen to seek a more stable chassis to confront possible opportunities and shocks. Under the background that the domestic consumption market is still in the recovery stage and the traditional cosmetics giants still firmly grasp the advantages of the industry,High-margin products have also become a "breakthrough" weapon for domestic beauty products..

Shanghai jahwa said in the semi-annual report that since the second quarter, the company has adjusted its business strategy and increased the investment in brand fees.Skin care products with high gross profit and rapid development have achieved recovery growth, which has promoted the structural optimization of gross profit margin.And digested the pressure brought by overseas business. Polaiya said that during the reporting period, the company wasContinue to consolidate the "big single product strategy", focusing on the three family series of Shuangkang, Ruby and Yuanli.

Obviously, under the impetus of these head enterprises,The cosmetics market in 2023 is opening a "hardcore war" of speed and strength.. Enterprises are faced with a comprehensive test of hematopoietic capacity, channel capacity and independent scientific research capacity. The upper limit of an enterprise’s development will no longer be determined by the longboard, but by its comprehensive strength. According to analysts, it can be seen from the interim report that China cosmetics enterprises are constantly refreshing their performance in each other’s "involution", forming a benign industry competition environment. But in the future cosmetics market,The future market may only accept "all-round fighters"In order to go to a broader world stage and compete with international beauty giants.

This article comes from Cailian Association.

Why did Wang Chuqin enter the final 4-0 unexpectedly? Deng Yaping said the truth, and Zhang Benzhi was desperate.

On April 23rd, Beijing time, the men’s singles final of WTT Macau Championship will be held among table tennis players. Veteran Malone defeated lebrun in the semi-final to help Fan Zhendong complete revenge, while Wang Chuqin swept Zhang Benzhi and reached the final 4-0 in the semi-final. This semi-final was somewhat unexpected. Wang Chuqin once again beat Zhang Benzhi and perhaps thought of the result of defeating his opponent, but it was really unexpected that Wang Chuqin swept his opponent with a score of 4-0, because Wang Chuqin had previously focused on doubles.

In the past year, Wang Chuqin began to exert his strength in singles, so Wang Chuqin began to soar in the world rankings, and now he has risen to the second place in the world. Wang Chuqin gradually showed his talent and ability in men’s singles. With Sean Xiao becoming the head coach of Wang Chuqin, Wang Chuqin’s strength in fighting tough battles became stronger, and he showed a more stable state and mentality on the court, thus ensuring that he swept Zhang Benzhihe and did not leave any chance for his opponents to fight back.

The biggest competitor of the national table tennis men’s team in the new Olympic cycle is Zhang Benzhihe. We need to find a second singles player who can hold Zhang Benzhihe outside Fan Zhendong. Facts have proved that Liang Jingkun and Lin Gaoyuan do not have this ability and stability, so Wang Chuqin has become the key training target, and Wang Chuqin is also a post-00 generation. If Wang Chuqin can shoulder the heavy burden, there is no need to worry about Zhang Benzhihe creating too much threat to national table tennis in the next five years. Therefore,

Compared with Lin Gaoyuan and Liang Jingkun, why can Wang Chuqin resist the pressure and sweep his opponent 4-0 in this battle with Zhang Benzhi? After all, even Fan Zhendong, the first brother of Guoping, can’t beat Zhang Benzhihe 4-0. Why does Wang Chuqin have such strength? In fact, Deng Yaping praised Wang Chuqin’s character and technical characteristics before, saying:Wang Chuqin’s gas field is excellent, he has a good temperament in the game, dares to show his sword, is not soft in hard battles, and has a firm belief in the game.

Therefore, seeing Deng Yaping’s praise and comments on Wang Chuqin implies that Wang Chuqin has the strength and potential to help the China table tennis team win more honors in the future. With the sweeping of Zhang Benzhihe, the Japanese table tennis brother is completely desperate, not only in the next Durban World Table Tennis Championships, but also in the Paris Olympic Games.

Because Wang Chuqin became more and more competitive in singles after continuous high-intensity training in Sean Xiao, Zhang Benzhi and Wang Chuqin completely opened the gap, Wang Chuqin and Fan Zhendong could form the men’s singles double insurance in the new cycle of national table tennis, and Zhang Benzhi’s dream of hitting the men’s singles champion in the Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships was completely shattered.