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China men’s basketball team is different.

Last night, the China men’s basketball team played a warm-up match in Italy and Cape Verde. Probably many people have never heard of Cape Verde, a tiny country in Africa with a population of less than 600,000, but it is a serious World Cup team, and there are also former NBA players like tavares (Cavaliers fans should have heard of it).

The men’s basketball team attached great importance to this game and warmed up on the sidelines very early. After the opponent hit 14-2 at the beginning and fell into a passive position, the men’s basketball team quickly adjusted and gave the opponent a wave of 15-1 to get back the advantage on the field, and kept it to the end.

This team in Cape Verde is similar to South Sudan, our opponent in the group stage. It relies on physical talent and three-point accuracy, and its tactical accomplishment is in a mess. We might have been afraid of such a team a few years ago, but now if we want to compete for physical advantage, we are not empty.

There are young new forces like Zhang Zhenlin and Cui Yongxi who can run and jump in our team. In the first half, Zhang Zhenlin’s breakthrough attempt broke the ground and almost succeeded. In the second half, it was Cui Yongxi’s turn to perform. First, he received Zhao Jiwei’s accurate pass and missed the dunk.

Then came a very amazing bottom line pull rod, turned around and took off against the defense, which was really confident and dared to do the action. The last quarter completely became Xiao Cui’s personal show, and the inside and outside flowers scored 10 points, and the men’s basketball team finally beat the opponent by 20 points.

In the whole game, Xiao Cui scored 18 points on 8-for-9 shooting and 2-for-3 shooting, with everything. Fans who stay up late to watch the ball should have such a feeling that everyone was sleepy in the second half, and Xiao Cui directly woke up a few goals in the second half. This boy is really fierce!

We have the physical talent. The biggest change of Old Joe’s men’s basketball team is the active sports ability and physical talent, at least in terms of hardware.Of course, the most amazing thing about the men’s basketball team last night was two words, fluency.

What was the most common picture we saw in the previous men’s basketball team? The defender dribbled the ball to wait for qi zhou to fall, shifted the ball to the front line at a 45-degree angle, then the front line dropped the ball to qi zhou, and then let qi zhou chisel hard. Is there a picture in his mind?

Of course, qi zhou and the defender will pick and roll, and finally qi zhou will handle the ball, lacking enough movement without the ball, and the attack will come to a standstill. Our previous inertia thinking was to rely on the inside height to revitalize the team. In fact, it has fallen far behind.

Old Joe’s national team, the biggest change is that more guards hold the ball and attack on the line, reducing the pressure of qi zhou’s holding the ball and letting qi zhou and other insiders eat cakes or score points in the second attack. The front line looks for opportunities to enter empty-cut, give full play to the physical qualities of people like Zhang Zhenlin and Xiao Cui, and play more on the basket.

In the past, we didn’t know what to do after the attack stopped. Now, once we stop the ball, someone will go up to cover it and look for opportunities in the other defense through some simple hand-to-hand cooperation.

The first goal in the opening game was qi zhou, whose inside line was empty when Zhao Rui passed the ball, and the latter scored easily. Of course, Zhao Rui didn’t play very well today. Today, he started, and the series was almost boring. Then in the second half, Old Joe let Zhao Jiwei start with Zhao Rui, which was much better.

Zhao Jiwei scored only 4 points today, but he had 9 assists at the same time. The positive and negative values were the highest +30. The reason why the men’s basketball team can play so smoothly is that Zhao Jiwei takes the lead, and his passing is the most comfortable. You can see that the empty catch for Xiao Cui is full of tacit understanding.

The men’s basketball team sent out 21 assists. Surprisingly, Fang Shuo had 4 assists. While serving as a nerve knife shooter, Fang Shuo could also pass some good balls, which was a pleasant surprise. Maybe Fang Chaoju will finally make the big list.

Old Joe, after all, is a famous European coach. He has brought a player of Jokic’s level and must have several brushes. We didn’t expect qi zhou to be a skinny version of Jokic, but we can expect Old Joe to bring more advanced basketball concepts to the men’s basketball team and make it more modern and smoother.

This is still the men’s basketball team without Li Kaier, and the next game will face Italy. Not surprisingly, Li Kaier will welcome his first show in the China men’s basketball team. If the reference value against Cape Verde is not great, then we can always see something against Italy in the next game.

The Story of Hailian Football Team (Battle Becomes Big)

The Story of Hailian Football Team (Battle Becomes Big)

-Enjoy the days of "Happy Football"

During the rising period of Chengdu Rongcheng Football Team, the football atmosphere here has been expanded, the Chengdu football market has recovered, and the scalpers of banknotes have revived. Football has once again become a hot topic in the stage, and the number of people willing to play football has increased. This east wind has ushered in a new chapter in Chengdu City Football League in 2023. The number of teams has increased steadily, the number of players has greatly increased, and the intensity of competition has increased significantly. In 2023, Hailian set sail for the first battle, and met the most powerful winning team, a hard-to-play cowhide-style personal playing team. It tried its best to fight bravely in the trial array, but its strength was inferior to that of its opponent and it failed to score points.

Watching children practice football on the sidelines, I can’t help but think of football in the 1980s. At that time, China was the top four football teams in Asia all the year round, and suspended 5-10 "strong teams in Asia", and a large number of excellent players from Li Fusheng, Rong Zhixing, Gu Guangming and other countries tried their best to dominate Asian football, failing to enjoy the bonus of football league and get high salaries. Influenced by the reform and opening up, market economy, football culture and system, those young people who grew up in the 1980s gave up their cultural studies and entered the sports teams well, just to make a living. In the end, they were all injured and supported their families with low wages. In the early 1990s, the career of playing football was lost, and a large number of players were injured, but they could only earn some porridge to support their families. As everyone knows, the 90′ s football league, which was the devil’s errand, soared and ushered in the golden age of 20 years, making the players at the top of the professional football pyramid become rich. In fact, the proportion of getting rich with high salary is very low, and a large number of players below the top of the tower have failed to earn super-high salary, that is, the ability to support their families. Playing football, like other professions, only the top of the pyramid can get traffic and super-high money.

On the weekend, I heard a joke from the big Huaxi Dam team "Brother Yong": Every year, we win enough to charge ahead, and we break behind. This seemingly simple truth tells the spirit and culture of football. Winning or losing is not the only thing in the competition of the old age group. Everyone participates because of their love. We should pay attention to the competition and make friends with the ball. Players in their fifties are no longer young, but choose to pursue their dreams in a round football. That’s because they love sports, health, life and life, put down the burden of winning or losing, play happily, and even enjoy the days of pursuing "happy football" as a dam ball. Over the past few months, the understanding and knowledge about enjoying the happiness of football has been deeply integrated into the hearts of every player in Hailian, and it has become more and more in-depth into every game, every movement, every pass, ball control, and every rush …

The defeat in the last fight was just a climb and a cut on the way forward of Hailian, and the twists and turns that must be experienced on the way forward. Everyone came down to discuss the topic and had a clear understanding. Although they were not discouraged by the defeat, they expressed their opinions, worked together and brainstormed, and the gaps and problems were clearly discussed.

On the morning of May 20th, Taiping Temple Football Stadium No.1 was the second stop of Hailian’s voyage against Chengdahong team. Before the game, according to the observation of the previous game, the general situation of the players who have already played has been understood, the players and lineups who have played first in Hailian have been clearly excluded, the positions and captains have been clearly defined, and opinions and suggestions on defense and counter-attack have been discussed one by one. At the same time, the backup players are required to be ready to play, and they are required to abide by the rules and change players to maintain a constant confrontation with speed and strength on their opponents. According to the principle of "not for winning or losing, but for loving", personal physical safety always comes first. Regardless of adversity and prosperity, we should strive for the upper reaches, and we must fight against our opponent’s soldier sword spirit every field, not necessarily winning, and never giving up.

In the first half, based on defense, Shanghai United put up a 134-player formation for the midfield without a striker. In the midfield, it began to mark people and add defense to force a big red team, making it difficult for opponents to move forward easily and comfortably. At the same time, considering the small size of the eight-man system, the front waist is more than 20 meters to kill the opponent’s restricted area, and the sprinting players with speed, physical strength and acceleration ability are arranged in the front waist position, and the 1331 formation evolved during the counterattack. Into a big red team, make full use of the players’ personal physical strength, speed, ball control ability, long team time, skilled team cooperation and high tacit understanding, constantly attack each other in the midfield, and also play a long left-hand speed to cross the midfield quickly and launch a rapid attack on Hailian. In the third minute, the defense was deformed and was crossed by the opponent, and easily scored 1 goal. The midfield and the right area were suppressed and scored another goal in the 17th minute. Hailian used counterattack, and "Feng Ge" made a far-corner shot, hit the post and caused a serial collision, and recovered a goal. Five minutes later, Chengdahong Team No.9 completed a beautiful performance of individual player’s ability, from the midfield to the bottom along the right side of Hailian, and then took the ball horizontally to the front of the small restricted area, beautifully passing through four defenders and pushing another goal.

In the second half, Chengdahong team removed the No.9 player from the midfield organization, and the two sides fought for each other in the midfield. Chengdahong team made full use of cooperation and personal rapid breakthrough, causing threats several times in a row and once scored a goal. Hailian quickly organized a counterattack to complete a beautiful pass and moved back to 1 goal. Cheng Dahong once again used the long pass to the bottom, and the avant-garde quickly ran to the bottom to complete the last goal of the game.

In this game, the sea wing lost 2:5, which is also a true manifestation of the overall strength of the audience, and there is an obvious gap in strength. First, judging from the on-site performance, Cheng Dahong’s personal physical strength, which is the most basic and first ability to play football, is generally ahead, and its speed and strength are better. Second, half of the ball appeared, and Hailian players basically couldn’t outrun their opponents many times. Even if they ran, they could touch the ball first, but they couldn’t hold the ball many times under the anti-interference of their opponents. Third, the opponent’s individual soldiers have repeatedly completed one-on-one, one-on-two crossing, and two-on-two touching ball crossing, and several positions lack the ability to take the initiative to make up the position after losing the position. Fourth, the player’s personal technical ability limits the ability to receive and control the high ball. Cheng Dahong’s avant-garde is in an absolute advantage in receiving and controlling a long pass and throwing a high ball. Fifth, the cooperation between players is not skilled. After touching the ball in the standing position, there are too few points to meet the running position, which causes insufficient threat pressure to the opponent. Sixth, before the game, based on the weak team of Hailian, the defensive midfield formation was put forward, and the practical operation pressure was high, which made it too late to withdraw from the position to participate in the defense. The control of the midfield was weak, and the Hailian defender was suppressed to play, and the team became a big red team. The defensive situation was very passive. (The above is only personal experience of watching the ball, for personal learning reference only)




Lei Wu: I feel the enthusiasm of Meizhou fans and the persistence and inheritance of football culture.

Live broadcast: On May 21st, Shanghai Harbour beat Meizhou Hakka 2-0 away in the eighth round of the Super League. Lei Wu, who scored a goal in this game, wrote a post after the game to talk about the feeling of coming to Meizhou away.

Lei Wu: When I came to Wuhua for the first time, I saw the enthusiasm of the fans and felt the persistence and inheritance of football culture here. I hope I can go to more such places for competitions and exchanges.

No matter whether Liaoning plays Guangdong or Guangsha in the CBA semi-final, it will be the focus of the battle.

The CBA playoffs are still in progress. The four teams that entered the semi-finals have confirmed three seats, namely Zhejiang, Liaoning and Shenzhen. Among them, Zhejiang beat Guangzhou 2-0, Liaoning beat Beijing 2-0, and Shenzhen won by lying down. Because Shanghai was deprived of its ranking and competition qualification, Shenzhen became the first team to advance to the semi-finals. Now, there is only one last place to be decided, that is, the group of Guangdong team and Guangsha team, with a big score of 1-1 draw. The final game will decide who can advance and then play against Liaoning team.

By the time of the semi-final, the opponent of Zhejiang team is Shenzhen team. Although both teams are strong teams, it seems that there are not many things to watch, and it gives people the feeling that there is little suspense. In terms of popularity of the two teams, although Zhejiang is the top team, it is not as good as Shenzhen, which ranks fourth. The basketball atmosphere in Zhejiang is not as good as that in Guangdong, and the fan base is less. Moreover, Zhejiang team and Guangsha team have long been competing in the same city. In Hangzhou, more fans regard Guangsha as the home team, but the real Zhejiang team is still slightly inferior. Therefore, this group of matchups will not attract particularly high attention, and there is not much topic heat between the two teams.

The other group is between Liaoning team and Guangdong team/Guangsha team, which is more interesting. If the opponent of Liaoning team is Guangdong team, the heat will be full directly, because the two teams have the largest fan base in CBA, far exceeding other teams, which can be seen from the annual All-Star voting. Moreover, Liaoning and Guangdong, as the traditional strong teams of CBA, have attracted much attention in every previous duel, and fans will also argue with each other to cheer for their respective home teams.

If Guangsha team reached the semi-finals, it would be a continuation of the frontier. Last year’s finals were between Liaoning team and Guangsha team. Although Guangsha team, which was short of major generals, lost, the fighting spirit of fighting for the last bullet moved all the fans. This season, Hu Jinqiu returned, although the luck was unlucky, Cummings, a small foreign aid, was injured again, and Zhu Junlong also played in doubt. However, the strength of the team is obviously higher than that of last year’s finals, and the team will definitely give everything and aim at revenge. The goal of the Liaoning team is to protect its glory and strive to defend its title. From the match between the two teams this season, we can know how intense the game is. It is completely hand-to-hand combat. No matter whether you win or lose, you will lose your skin.

As for the final list of the semi-finals, we still need to wait until the end of the game tomorrow night. However, judging from the strength of the team and the situation at home and away, Guangdong team is more likely to advance, and it is not difficult for Guangsha team to win the game. Let’s wait and see.

Harris swept Harden with 25 points: We need him.

On April 23rd, Beijing time, in the first round of the NBA playoffs G4, the 76ers beat the Nets away, and the series swept their opponents 4-0 to advance. After the game, 76ers stars James Harden and PJ Tucker were interviewed by the media.

In this campaign, Joel Embiid, the inside core of the 76ers, was absent due to injury, and byass Harris shouldered the offensive banner, shooting 11 of 19 shots, 2 of 4 three-pointers, 1 of 1 free throw, scoring a game-high 25 points and 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 block.

Talking about Harris’ outstanding performance, Harden said: "He is really great. He has been attacking the basket, ending at the basket, hitting three points and defending well. This is a special game for him and we need him. "

Tucker also praised Harris after the game. He said: "Harris is always so important, but few people in our team talk about him. (Especially when Joel is absent, Harris’ performance at both ends of the offense and defense is too important. "