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Peier’s outdoor debut Shenzhen COSP International Outdoor Exhibition ended successfully.

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 16th, 2024, COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Exhibition ended successfully in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. Peier Outdoor also emerged in this exhibition, and defined the concept of "outdoor mobile home" with an innovative attitude, which was very popular.

In this COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Products Exhibition, nearly 400 outdoor head and waist enterprises gathered together, with distinctive product features and strong lineup. This also reflects that the outdoor industry, like a shot in the arm, stimulates the vitality of the economy and surrounding industries under the overall economic downturn.

We learned at the scene that the outdoor exhibition area of Guangdong Peier was bursting with popularity and crowded with people. As an enterprise with a number of patented technologies and advocating a brand-new concept of outdoor life, they have unveiled six series of products, including tent series, temperature control series, energy series, sleeping series, washing series and outdoor kitchen series, turning camping equipment into an outdoor mobile home. Their products are novel in design, and their patented fabrics are unique in the industry.

The first show of scientific and technological innovation invites outdoor people to go to mountains and seas together.

There are two main products on the exhibition site of Peier: mini villa and classic B&B tent, both of which are novel in shape and full of black technology. We learned at the scene that these two tents are air-conditioned tents, and they all use patented technology cloth to achieve thermal insulation effect. At the same time, it is used together with the outdoor air conditioner of Peier temperature control series products, so that every user who experiences it is full of praise. Feel the nature outdoors and enjoy the comfort of home at the same time, which is what Peier people have been trying to do.

In addition, the ingenuity of Peier’s outdoor camping equipment is reflected in all aspects, including exquisite and lovely children’s tents, lightweight and advanced outdoor toilets, blackened and fierce cassette ovens, waterproof and high-value camping lights, etc. Not only beautiful, but also practical practitioners.

Peier people strive for perfection, CCTV live interview

The partner of Peier Outdoor is an industrialist, who embodies the spirit of Excellence in every detail of the product. We have our own high standards for quality control and product innovation. From research and development to production to sales, it is a layer-by-layer selection. Peier goes forward in the outdoors and is committed to delivering high-quality outdoor equipment products to everyone who loves the outdoors.

Miss Li, a live experience user, said, "It’s the first time I’ve heard of a tent with air conditioning. I must come and experience it."

At the scene, Mr. Yang said after experiencing the omelet table, "After looking at the table and outdoor chairs for so long, this table is the strongest. Do you sell this table?" Wait for a series of favorable comments.

On-site activities of the exhibition are crowded with people.

During the three-day exhibition, the outdoor booth of Peier attracted many exhibitors to stop, and the staff at the scene always enthusiastically and patiently guided and explained. The characteristics and advantages of the exhibits in this exhibition are fully displayed under the explanation of Peier staff. On-site professional visitors and exhibitors have shown strong cooperation intention after they have a certain understanding of the products.

Through the appearance of this exhibition, we have reason to believe that Peier Technology will contribute to the prosperity and development of outdoor camping industry with a more mature and professional attitude.

Unveiling the mystery of the Easy Team, Hollywood’s top entertainment companies participated.

  From Yi Jianlian’s participation in the draft, to the signing of the contract by the United Arab Emirates and his landing in Milwaukee in early October, he started his career as a rookie season. There is always a China man standing beside the United Arab Emirates who is in great contrast with his height.

  After a period of study, Yi Jianlian’s English has basically passed the test, and his listening and speaking skills are very strong. Only in some formal occasions, he still needs to translate for emergency. As a member of his agent team, Lu Yu temporarily took on the role of translator, but his duties are far greater than translation. He must work closely with Bucks, arrange food, clothing, housing and training for the United Arab League, and keep close contact with Guangdong Hongyuan Club. More importantly, he and the company he represents are responsible for the commercial development of Yi Jianlian.

  Just like Yao Ming has a powerful "Yao Team" behind him, Yi Jianlian, who has just entered the NBA, also has a huge team of brokers behind him. Team Yi consists of two main parts. One is basketball affairs, and the person in charge is Dan Fagan, the fourth agent in NBA. Besides the United Arab League, Fagan’s NBA stars are Marion, Richardson, Terry and Alston. Fagan is an independent agent in NBA, and he owns a company.

  In the Yi Team, Fagan and his company are mainly responsible for the basketball affairs of the United Arab League, and the United Arab League also has a Chinese agent, Zhao Gang. In the last 15 years, Fagan is one of the strongest agents in the NBA. Fagan, who graduated from Yale Law School, personally negotiated a player contract worth 750 million dollars in the last five years. He is the pioneer of "one-year player selection" contract and "sign first and then change" in NBA. Fagan and his agent team once suffered great pressure on Yi Jianlian’s rookie contract signing, but as a result, the Bucks paid unprecedented attention to Yi Jianlian.

  In addition, the Easy Team also has an important component, the commercial development team, and an important force leading the commercial development of the United Arab League is Curtain Company, which is one of the three major film and television entertainment brokerage companies in Hollywood, with a history of 109 years in film, television and other media. Curtain company gathers the elites of the business broker team, and its strength involves sports, television, movies, music and other aspects. Yi Jianlian came to Los Angeles in early April. In three months, he attended the premieres of Pirates of the Caribbean III and Shrek II, and made his appearance in front of mainstream American media and audiences, thanks to the powerful influence of Curtain Company in the film and television industry. Lu Yu, a member of Yizhi Team, is the representative of Curtain Company in charge of Yi Jianlian’s market and business development. He graduated from Shanghai International Studies University, worked for the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and the British BBC and Channel 4. He holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California, and won the New America Media Award in the United States.

  "Yi Jianlian has great market value. He joined the NBA in the crucial year of preparing for the Olympic Games in China, and his growth has received great attention. Bucks attach great importance to him and will also focus on developing the China market. " A senior sports brand expert said, "As long as he can perform well in the NBA and develop well, his commercial value can even refer to Yao Ming."

  Yizhi team has been discussing the signing of Yi Jianlian with many famous brands, and Yi Jianlian will also use his performance on the court to win the future for himself. (Zhang Yi)


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1℃→22℃! Warm and humid air carries rain, so pay attention when you go out on Monday. ……

The weather in Zhejiang is good for two days on weekends.

All kinds of flowers are in bloom.

Travel to enjoy flowers and wash clothes to dry.

Everything can be arranged ~

But the sun shines

The temperature at 11 o’clock will reach above 10℃ in the whole province.

The cold and rainy weather some time ago

It’s completely over.

Temperature difference between morning and evening increases

Friends can use "onion dressing method"

Beware of catching a cold


The temperature rose steadily and reached its peak this day!

But the good weather only lasts until ……

Because Yu Yujun is going to work with us on Monday, it turned to rain in western Zhejiang this evening and spread to the whole province in the middle of the night. On Monday (11th), the whole province will be soaked in rain during the day. Remember to wear rain gear on Monday and go out early in the morning.

The rain will rest temporarily on the 12th-13th, and the temperature in some areas of our province will be above 20℃ on the 12th! The pace of spring is getting closer and closer, the weather changes are more unpredictable, and the rain will come to stay on the 14th to 17th. Friends cherish the sunshine these days.

Zhejiang weather forecast

Today: the western part of Zhejiang is cloudy, and there are showers in the cloudy part in the evening; Other areas are sunny to cloudy, and there are showers in the cloudy part after midnight.

Tomorrow: There will be light rain and some moderate rain in the whole province.

The lowest temperature this morning:

Northern Zhejiang: 1-3 degrees, with frost;

Other areas: 4-6 degrees.

Maximum temperature during the day today:

Coastal areas: 13-15 degrees;

Other areas: 16-18 degrees.

Warm and humid airflow entrains rainwater.

Be careful when you go out next Monday ……

Specific to the weather in Hangzhou, warm and humid air flows have quietly joined the battle. Under the influence of high-level wet areas, there are more clouds over Hangzhou, and the weather will be slightly cooler than yesterday.

March is also the season for the expansion and development of warm and humid air currents.

Although Hangzhou has not yet entered the meteorological spring, don’t worry, spring will always come, and maybe you will hear good news next Monday.

And you see, the charm of spring has gradually emerged, and the next weather process will focus on "short, flat and fast". Warm and humid air currents will bring rain in and out in a hurry, and frequently "send spring waves in secret" to the south of China, and the weather will also quietly bid farewell to winter under the constant attack of warm and humid air currents.

It is expected that there will be a light rain from tonight to tomorrow morning. Although the rainfall duration is not long and the rainfall is not large, it may collide with Monday morning peak.

Monday+morning rush hour+rainy day, friends who have a long commute may have to shake their heads again. Please continue to pay attention to the weather changes and get ready to go out early.

On the afternoon of the 11th, the weather will gradually improve, and it will be sunny again in the afternoon, and the temperature will obviously rise, reaching above 20℃ on the 12th. The next 13-14 days will be dominated by fine weather, and there will be a short shower around the 15th.

Generally speaking, the next week will be sunny and rainy, and the temperature will rise, which is conducive to spring ploughing, spring sowing and spring vegetable picking.

Hangzhou weather forecast

10th (Sunday): cloudy during the day, cloudy with light rain at night, 4 ~ 16℃, easterly wind 3 ~ 4;

11th (Monday): It was cloudy with light rain in the morning, and it stopped raining in the afternoon, with 8 ~ 14℃ and southerly winds of 3 ~ 4;

12th (Tuesday): sunny to cloudy, 7 ~ 21℃, northerly winds 3 ~ 4 and gusts 5;

13th (Wednesday): cloudy, 6 ~ 17℃, easterly wind 3 ~ 4;

14th (Thursday): cloudy to cloudy, 8 ~ 16℃, with a level 3 easterly wind;

15th (Friday): Cloudy to cloudy with occasional showers, 8 ~ 18℃, easterly winds of 3 ~ 4.

Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory released at 11: 00 on March 9.

It is said that "the face of a child in March" changes when it changes. In fact, a major feature of the weather in March is that the pace of weather change has obviously accelerated. After entering the spring in the meteorological sense, the characteristics will be more distinct.

Mao Yanjun, a senior engineer at Zhejiang Climate Center, said that spring is the transitional season between winter and summer. Especially in early spring, winter has just passed, and the cold air force is still very strong, and it erupts southward every few days. In spring, the influence of warm air in the south is increasing day by day. As long as the cold air is slightly weakened, warm air will take advantage of it and the weather will get warmer. This frequent intersection of cold and warm air often makes the weather show the characteristics of hot and cold, rainy and sunny.

The changeable weather is often easy to cause colds. In this season, everyone should add or subtract clothes according to the weather forecast in time.

Original title: "1 C → 22 C! Warm and humid air carries rain, so pay attention when you go out on Monday … "

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Facing the global university software elite! Registration for the 10th Huawei Software Elite Challenge in 2024 was officially launched.

   [Tianji. com IT News Channel]Today, the 10th Huawei Software Elite Challenge officially started registration and recruited college students from all over the world to participate in the competition. The contest, hosted by Huawei Cloud, will focus on the theme of "Planck Plan". Huawei’s senior expert and technical team will give a topic and invite software elites from universities around the world to explore a higher realm of technical programming and competition, and use the innovative ability of software design and programming to solve practical problems and create unlimited value. The highest prize for the champion of the contest is as high as 200,000 yuan.

    Following the theme of Planck Plan, the contest aims to find people like Planck who are never satisfied with continuous questioning, people who stick to the truth in complex problems, people who work hard in real scenes, and people who use technology to promote world progress. As Huawei’s top competition for software elites in universities around the world, Huawei Software Elite Challenge has been held since 2015. On the platform of Software Elite Challenge, contestants can fully demonstrate the technical ability of software design and programming, enjoy the fun of coding to solve problems and feel the charm of software changing the world. At present, the contest has been successfully held for nine times, attracting nearly 200,000 college students from more than 1,000 universities around the world, among whom over 2,000 software elites joined Huawei through the contest.

    Today, the 10th Huawei Software Elite Challenge officially issued a call-up order to elites from universities all over the world. The whole contest will last until April 27th, and it will be divided into three stages: regional preliminary contest, regional semi-final contest and global finals. Finally, it will compete for the third place in the championship and the best practice award in software development, among which the best practice award in software development includes the most beautiful code, the best large model application and the best software development process. Huawei has set up different reward mechanisms for the three stages of the competition, including the green card for the computer test of the top 32 regional preliminaries, the green card for the interview of the top 4 regional semi-finals, and the global finals prize resource pool of 680,000 yuan, including the champion prize of 200,000 yuan.

    It is worth mentioning that Huawei Software Elite Challenge not only provides a challenging and interesting competitive stage and high prizes for college students, but also creates a platform for empowering students to grow up. The contest will introduce a lineup of experienced Huawei senior experts to provide technical support for the whole event and answer questions for the contestants.

    From now until March 22nd, the preliminary team registration stage will be held. All students in the school can log in to Huawei Software Elite Challenge official website to register for the competition. Domestic students should choose the corresponding competition area according to the city where their school is located, and overseas students from China should choose the corresponding competition area according to the city where they live in China. The contest will officially announce the preliminary contest questions on March 7, and hold an "air presentation" to interpret the preliminary contest questions, share the award-winning experience and answering ideas of previous outstanding players, and guide the contestants.

    For more than 30 years, Huawei has been insisting on technological innovation, constantly breaking through the limits, continuously attracting outstanding talents from all over the world, and promoting world progress with technology. We look forward to more college software elites who have dreams, love software and dare to climb the technological peak, and work with Huawei to promote scientific and technological progress!

    Learn more about the contest and welcome to visit Huawei Software Elite Challenge official website!

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A male customer and a female employee died in a fire at the sauna center in Shenzhen.

At 10 o’clock the night before yesterday, a sauna center in Shenzhen caught fire, killing one man and one woman, namely customers and employees. According to reports, the fire in Shenzhen Sauna Center was caused by a short circuit of outdoor billboards. According to nearby witnesses, when the fire broke out in Shenzhen Sauna Center, there was a big fire and smoke, and customers fled in haste, and many people even ran away with their shoes. After the fire broke out in Shenzhen Sauna Center, the area began to conduct a comprehensive investigation of crowded places.

A male customer and a female employee died in a fire at the sauna center in Shenzhen.

Yesterday, when the reporter of New Express went to the scene of the incident, he saw that the location of the incident had been blackened by fire. According to the nearby shop owner, the fire was very big at the time of the incident, and a lot of smoke came out. Many fire engines were on the scene to put out the fire, but the fire was quickly controlled. Later, the reporter contacted the customers who were spending money in the sauna center at the time of the incident, claiming that many people had no time to check out at that time. "When I heard that there was a fire, I grabbed my bags and ran out no matter what clothes I was wearing. The corridor was full of smoke, and some people’s shoes ran away." It is understood that there were hundreds of people who fled hastily at that time.

According to the report of Shenzhen Luohu District Safety Management Committee, at 10: 04 the night before, the public security command center received a report that the outdoor signboard of Taipingyang Commercial Building, No.4028 Jiabin Road, Luohu District, caught fire, and 10 fire engines from 4 squadrons were dispatched for on-site rescue. At 10: 18, the fire was extinguished. After on-site search, two people who were unconscious due to inhaling smoke were found in Room 0560 on the fourth floor, and immediately handed over to the ambulance center staff who arrived at the scene for rescue, and died after being rescued.

After investigation, the two people who died were a man and a woman, and the male deceased Zhang Moumou was a customer of the place; Du Mou, a female deceased, is a staff member of the site. The cause of the fire was initially identified as the failure of the power line of the outdoor billboard. At present, the public security fire department is conducting a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the accident, and the related aftermath work is carried out in an orderly manner.

At 9: 00 am yesterday, the Luohu District Party Committee and the District Government of Shenzhen held an emergency meeting on fire safety, demanding that the cause of the accident be found out quickly, the accident investigation and aftermath should be done well, and special treatment should be carried out for lintel signs and outdoor billboards in an all-round way, especially for the electrical safety and building safety of similar advertising signs, and the safety of key places such as various professional markets such as cloth and clothing, three small places and crowded places should be comprehensively investigated and rectified.

After the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development made it clear that the regulation was weak and determined to be accountable, 13 cities introduced a new property market policy within 20 days.

  Since July, the central government has repeatedly reiterated the keynote of "housing and housing without speculation" and the goal of "three stability". After the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development clearly put forward the accountability of cities where housing prices have risen too fast, the real estate market has ushered in a new wave of regulation.

  According to the incomplete statistics of The Paper, since July 22nd, the Housing and Construction Bureau has emphasized to further implement the main responsibility of the city government, strengthen the supervision and guidance responsibility of the provincial government, and resolutely hold the cities that are ineffective in regulation and control, and the housing prices are rising too fast accountable. At present, 13 cities have issued new policies on property market regulation to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  These cities include: Shanghai, Shaoxing, Hefei, Wuxi, Jinan, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Dongguan, Jinhua, Hangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and Quzhou.

  In these cities that have introduced the regulation of the property market, it has become an important content to rectify the intermediary’s standardized operation, introduce the guiding price of second-hand houses, limit business loans, purchase restrictions, sales restrictions and crack down on speculation in school districts.

  Poor regulation and firm accountability

  On July 22nd, the State Council held a teleconference on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing and further improving the regulation of the real estate market. The meeting pointed out that we should attach great importance to the new situation and new problems in real estate work, adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living, not for speculation, and do not regard real estate as a short-term means to stimulate the economy, fully implement the long-term real estate mechanism of stabilizing land prices, housing prices and expectations, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  On the same day, the People’s Daily article pointed out that since the beginning of this year, due to various objective factors, coupled with the failure of some cities to fulfill their main responsibilities, the regulation of the real estate market has been relaxed, and the real estate market in some cities has warmed up, and some cities have overheated, which requires urban policies and precise policies to further increase the regulation and supervision of the real estate market. In this regard, Zhang Qiguang, director of the real estate market supervision department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will work with relevant departments to further implement the main responsibilities of urban governments, strengthen the supervision and guidance responsibilities of provincial governments, and resolutely hold cities that are ineffective in regulation and control and whose housing prices are rising too fast accountable.

  Subsequently, on July 23rd, eight departments, including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, issued the Notice on Continuously Rectifying and Standardizing the Order of the Real Estate Market. The Notice clearly stated that the "policy based on the city" highlighted the key points of rectification, including real estate development, house sale, housing lease and property services. At the same time, the "Notice" mentioned that we will strive to achieve a significant improvement in the order of the real estate market in about three years. Violations of laws and regulations have been effectively curbed, the supervision system has been continuously improved, the supervision information system has been basically established, and the work pattern of joint management by departments has gradually taken shape, and the number of complaints from the masses has dropped significantly.

  5 cities were interviewed

  As soon as the voice of "Resolutely hold accountable the cities that are ineffective in regulation and control and whose housing prices are rising too fast ….." fell, five cities with significantly rising housing prices were interviewed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  On July 29th, Ni Hong, Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, interviewed the responsible comrades of five cities, namely Yinchuan, Xuzhou, Jinhua, Quanzhou and Huizhou, and demanded that the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council be resolutely implemented, that the house be used for living, not for speculation, that the real estate be not used as a short-term means to stimulate the economy, that the city’s main responsibility be effectively fulfilled, and that, in view of the new situations and problems in the real estate market in the first half of the year, the regulation and supervision should be strengthened to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

  In the first half of this year, the sales price of new commercial housing and the price of residential land in these five cities increased too fast, and the market expectation was unstable, which aroused widespread concern in society. At the same time, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced that Yinchuan, Xuzhou, Jinhua, Quanzhou and Huizhou will be included in the list of key cities for real estate market monitoring.

  After the interview, late at night on August 2, Jinhua City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Zhejiang Province issued the Notice on Further Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market in our City, becoming the first city to introduce property market regulation after being interviewed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  The "Notice" clearly implements ten aspects, such as residential sales restriction, notarized lottery sales, and requirements for strengthening second-hand residential price supervision, strengthening financial supervision, strictly renaming management, and implementing the main responsibility.

  According to the Notice, newly-built commercial housing and second-hand housing purchased in Jinhua City (Wucheng District, Jinyi New District < jindong district > and the whole area of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, the same below) can only be listed and traded after obtaining the Property Ownership Certificate for three years. The confirmation time of obtaining the Property Right Certificate is based on the issuing time of the Property Right Certificate.

  At the same time, the "Notice" mentioned that the dynamic monitoring of the listing price of second-hand houses should be strengthened, and houses with obviously abnormal listing prices should be removed in time. In Jinhua city, we will launch a pilot project to release the transaction reference price of second-hand housing in hot areas, and timely promote and implement the application of the transaction reference price in finance and credit.

  Eight cities have implemented the reference price of second-hand housing transactions.

  It is worth mentioning that, in the industry’s view, the promotion of the reference price system for second-hand housing transactions has become the most important policy in the second-hand housing market this year, further embodying the orientation of all-round supervision of real estate.

  In order to cope with the chaotic listing price of the second-hand housing market and some owners’ "holding the group to raise prices", more and more cities began to control the price of the second-hand housing market, and explored the establishment of a reference price release mechanism for second-hand housing to curb the spread of the "virtual fire" in the property market.

  In addition to Jinhua mentioned above, according to the incomplete statistics of The Paper (www.thepaper.cn), eight cities in China, namely, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Chengdu, Xi ‘an, Shaoxing, Wuxi and Dongguan, have proposed to implement the reference price system for second-hand housing.

  In addition to the reference price system for second-hand housing transactions, since the beginning of this year, some key cities have also introduced various kinds of regulation and supervision measures to promote the stability of second-hand housing prices and market expectations.

  According to the incomplete statistics of Yiju Research Institute, at least nine cities in China have focused on regulating and controlling the price of second-hand housing, which involves cracking down on the behavior of owners to drive up housing prices, establishing a mechanism for releasing information on second-hand housing prices, and increasing the verification of price information.

  For the prospect of 2021, the Blue Book of Real Estate 2021 jointly issued by the Institute of Ecological Civilization of China Academy of Social Sciences, China Real Estate Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers Association points out that the real estate industry is still the ballast stone and stabilizer of China’s economy. Real estate financial supervision will continue to be strengthened, and the tone of policy regulation will continue to be "stable", and the regulatory policies will be more refined and complete. The development of the leasing market has been further enhanced by the policy. Affected by the global monetary easing and low interest rate policy, the real estate market will face greater upward pressure in 2021. The market risk is increasing, the differentiation trend is becoming increasingly obvious, the real estate industry is facing a reshuffle, and the tightening of policy regulation will also curb the market overheating impulse.

A variety of power, plug-in version of pure battery life of 100km! New Golf Family Official Map Released

A variety of power, plug-in version of pure battery life of 100km! New Golf Family Official Map Released

Recently, Volkswagen released the exterior map of the new golf family. This new car is a mid-term modified model, offering a variety of power systems and body forms, including standard version, high-performance GTI model, plug-in hybrid GTE model and station wagon Variant.

From the appearance, the new car adopts brand-new design elements. The headlight group has been changed into a single light source, equipped with a penetrating light strip, and at the same time, there is a luminous Volkswagen LOGO on the lower side. The front enclosure has been redesigned to be more dynamic, and the left front fender is equipped with a charging interface, suggesting that the car may be a plug-in hybrid version.

In addition, in terms of color, the new car has added four new color options: crystal ice blue, anemone blue, oyster silver and black ebony, and provided five wheels with different sizes ranging from 16 inches to 19 inches to choose from. Some models can also be equipped with a two-color body with a black roof.

For the interior, the new car is equipped with a brand-new MIB4 intelligent entertainment system. The control panel of the low version is 10.4 inches, and the high version is 12.9 inches; The air conditioning control system has also been completely redesigned, using the touch slider to replace the traditional physical buttons.

In terms of power system, the new Golf will provide a 1.5T turbocharged gasoline engine, a 1.5eTSI twin-vortex turbocharged diesel engine, a 2.0T turbocharged gasoline engine and a 1.5T plug-in hybrid version. According to different vehicle configurations, the new car is matched with different types of transmissions such as 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed powershift.

The battery capacity of the plug-in hybrid version has been increased from 10.6kWh to 19.7kWh, making its pure electric cruising range reach 100 kilometers. In addition, the car supports AC charging (maximum power is 11 kW) and DC fast charging (maximum power is 50 kW).

The Clippers officially gave up the deal, Harden! American media analyzes bearded reality: reconciliation with 76ers is the most feasible.

On September 18, Beijing time, the famous Windhost said that it was the Clippers who proposed to end Harden’s trading negotiations. Earlier, it was reported that the 76ers insisted on asking for a high price, and the teams including the Clippers were unable or unwilling to meet it. In the end, Harden’s trading negotiations broke down. Then the question is coming. It seems that joining the Clippers is hopeless. What should Harden do next?

The US media said that Harden had too few choices. "The disgruntled defender strongly urged to leave the 76ers, but his choices were obviously limited due to a series of related factors."

An important constraint is the new labor agreement, which may have a great impact on Harden’s career. If he chooses to refuse to report to the 76ers training camp, he will be severely punished, which will cast a shadow over his future career and even pay a high price.

It is understood that refusing to play for the 76ers for a long time will deprive him of the right to sign and negotiate with any team unless the 76ers approve it. In essence, 76 people have the absolute initiative.

So what should Harden do next? The US media said that the most feasible way for Harden at present is to reach a settlement with the 76ers, fulfill the contract, and strive to achieve mutual respect and understanding. Considering the high asking price of the 76ers and the limited number of teams interested in Harden, the deal seems unlikely. At the same time, any persistent resistance will lead to an unfavorable situation, which will not only damage his financial prospects, but also affect Harden’s reputation and future career.

Harden has already torn his face with the 76ers executives, but if the deal can’t be reached, he can only reconcile with the other party, which is also the most pragmatic solution. How Harden should deal with this situation, let us wait and see. The opening day of the 76ers training camp is getting closer and closer. Will Harden show up on time?

US media: Without Damian Lillard, the Heat would be fine!

Will star guard Damian Lillard finally join the Heat? This is his first choice to leave Portland. Although this situation has been delayed for two months, it is still possible to reach this deal sometime this summer.

However, although it seems only a matter of time, all expectations and rumors are to send him to Miami, there is still reason to doubt what the defending Eastern Conference champion Heat will look like if Lillard unfortunately goes elsewhere at the beginning of the 2023-24 season.

First of all, I want to ask what the players who have been rumored to be involved as chips, such as Tyler Herro and Kyle Lowry, will think when the trade comes out all summer. (It is widely reported that a tripartite transaction is almost certainly needed to facilitate the Lillard transaction between Miami and Portland. ) Lori performed well in the playoffs, and the Heat ranked eighth all the way to the NBA Finals. But apart from starting the new season at the age of 37, Lori’s efficiency in the regular season is his worst since the 2014-15 season. As for Hiro, he can explode occasionally, and of course he can score by himself. But no one will doubt his value to the team. Miami was a tough defensive team at its best. Even after the first game of the first round of the playoffs, they reached the finals as a weak team.

We should expect Eric Spoelstra’s team to maintain a tough defense, as they have always done, using defense tactics much more than other teams. However, it is obviously worth pointing out that some key players in the Miami system, such as Max Strus and Gabe Vincent, are now members of the Cavaliers and the Lakers respectively, and they are both important rotation players. Except that they fully understand and adapt to the Heat’s system, they are all 3D players and never question their resilience and defense. Miami has received endless praise for its internal player development-the Heat have seven players on their NBA Finals list who have not been selected-but it is doubtful whether Josh Richardson or Jamie hax Jr. can replace these two players. Having said that, at least Miami is familiar with Richardson, whose career started with this team. )

If the Heat don’t sign Lillard, perhaps the most noteworthy thing is that it may mean that they will still have to rely on Jimmy Butler next season. He will be 34 years old next month. He went to the Eastern Conference semifinals in the playoffs. After spraining his ankle against the Knicks, his speed slowed down obviously. If the lineup stays the same for six weeks, Hiro and Lori will have a lot of ball control responsibilities. If Adebayor makes greater progress on the offensive end, the team will be happy. (Small forward Caleb Martin made a leap forward last season, and his future self-creation ability may become a factor to change the game. ) But if Lillard didn’t come to Miami, Butler would have to shoulder the responsibility of the best scoring organizer again. To some extent, this is not ideal, because if he has a superstar teammate with scoring and organizational talent, his physical strength may at least be preserved.

It’s hard to imagine that the Heat won’t complete the Lillard deal, considering the fact that the All-Star guard openly asked to go there. Despite being the eighth seed, Miami just won the Eastern Conference championship! Most of the core members of this team remain unchanged. Therefore, the club will almost think that they are trading for Lillard, or not, the team still has a lot of good chips. All these circumstances, but it is still worth considering, if the team does not make a large-scale transaction after this transaction, but continues to fight with the existing lineup.

11 am! C Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend has a baby on the street, and her figure is super Qiao Mei, dressed like a matrix.

On March 11th, Beijing time, many media reported that Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend Elena-Schaick appeared on the streets of new york after attending the fashion show.Elena used to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, and they were praised by fans as golden couple and the new Beckham and Spice Girl (Victoria).Now, the two go their separate ways. Elena is now taking her daughter out. The younger daughter is not only tall, but also has a good face value. And Elena’s dress, like the matrix.Trinity.

Elena was born in 1986Zherinsk, Ye Man, Russian supermodel. She had been in contact with Cristiano Ronaldo for many years, and once it was time to talk about marriage. However, at this time, Chilean beauty Daniela Chavez appeared. The media kept speculating about the affair between Cristiano Ronaldo and South American girls, which eventually led to the breakup between Elena and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Elena today has moved to North America. The winter temperature in new york is a little low, but it is very kind to Elena. She is used to living in such a low temperature, but the humidity and high temperature in Spain are not suitable. At this time, Elena has stopped watching football matches, and there is no team with a higher level than Real Madrid in North America anyway. In other competitions, she is not interested.

Elena’s daughter is 6 years old this year. My little girl showed a beautiful embryo very early. She is tall enough to be comparable to the children of many NBA players. At the same time, the daughter’s face value is outstanding, even higher than Beckham’s youngest daughter. C Ronaldo also had many children, but his twin son with Qiao Mei died last year. To this end, the whole family is very unhappy. But this year, online celebrity deliberately mentioned this matter, and also revealed that Qiao Mei had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo during her pregnancy.

Although she is 37 years old this year, Elena’s figure has not changed at all. Instead, it was Georgina in 1995, and her figure was in the direction of the Kardashian sisters.It is said that Russian beauty becomes an aunt as soon as she is over 30, but this rule does not appear in Elena. On the contrary, she is getting younger and younger. In the past few days, she has participated in Versace’s catwalk. Standing on the runway with a beautiful woman who is 10 years younger than herself, Elena is still confident and arrogant, and her face value and temperament are not lost to young people.

It is reported that Elena did not end up with Cristiano Ronaldo, but Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother opposed it. At that time, the difference between them was that Elena didn’t like children and wouldn’t take care of them. There are also rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo has multiple girlfriends at the same time, but he denies them all.Most of the gossip girls who jumped out now happened after Cristiano Ronaldo and Elena broke up.Now, these are all wrong statements. Elena is not only good at taking care of her daughter, but also able to balance work and children. Qiao Mei is a good mother at home, but she lacks Elena’s domineering spirit.

Elena is a career woman, and she wants to get ahead in the show business. Many years ago, she and Cristiano Ronaldo were hailed as the new version of Beckham and Victoria. However, Ronaldo didn’t think too much about things after retirement, but scored enough goals before retirement. It is undoubtedly wise to choose the Saudi League. The competition here is much lower than in Europe, and it can also bring a lot of wages and bonuses to Cristiano Ronaldo. C Ronaldo has experienced too much suffering in his career. It is understandable to earn enough pension before retiring.

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